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Legacy Reissues

In 2018 The Prince Estate partnered with Legacy Recordings (a division of Sony Music Entertainment) to reissue Prince’s catalogue post 1993. What you’ll see below is the complete list of every Prince album reissued in its original configuration under this agreement.

Is there any difference to the original CDs, you ask? While the noticeable changes is the appearance of logos of The Prince Estate and Legacy Recordings in place of the original distributor, and whilst the original artwork and packaging is largely and faithfully reproduced (including liner notes, and interior booklets, even sleeve stickers), various elements of the packaging and overall design is improved. It is also worth noting the sound quality has benefited from the latest manufacturing and pressing processes. For the first time, the reissued albums are produced also in vinyl format, and in their initial runs, as purple disks. From 2021, publishing rights are extended to allow Sony Legacy to reissue Prince’s non-movie soundtrack catalogue recorded during the Warner Brothers tenure, 1978-1993.

New Release

Welcome 2 America

30 July 2021
Welcome 2 America CD & Vinyl