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Chaos And Disorder

Warner Bros. Records

I was bitter before, but now I’ve washed my face.

The liner notes of Chaos And Disorder reveal that this album was intended as a demo. Indeed it was recorded over ten days in January 1996 and released to Warner Brothers only to complete the fifth and final delivery of Prince’s output of five albums required under the contract the parties had signed back in 1992.

The highly charged tone of the album was inspired by the embattled and very public dispute with Warner Brothers over the ownership of his past music. Released as Prince under the name of The Artist Formally Known As Prince ( Prince love symbol), Prince blankly refused to promote nor even refer to Chaos And Disorder, in result it appealed only to fans and retailed only 100,000 units. It is his least successful album to date and is vastly underrated as a result.


All Instruments
The Artist Formally Known As Prince
Michael Bland
Tommy Barbarella
Morris Hayes
Bass Guitar
Sonny Thompson
NPG Hornz


The Artist Formally Known As Prince
Warner Bros. Records
Warner Bros. Records
Cover Art
Steve Parke
23 years ago, on 9 July 1996
Running Time
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
Prince Album

Track list

  1. Chaos And Disorder (4:18)
  2. I Like It There (3:15)
  3. Dinner With Delores (2:45) 1
  4. The Same December (3:23)
  5. Right The Wrong (4:38)
  6. Zannalee (2:43)
  7. I Rock, Therefore I Am [feat. Steppa Ranks, Scrap D and Rosie Gaines] (6:14)
  8. Into The Light (2:46)
  9. I Will (3:35)
  10. Dig U Better Dead (4:00)
  11. Had U (1:25)

1 Released as a single.

Singles from Chaos And Disorder

Dinner With Delores single from Chaos And Disorder

Dinner With Delores

Warner Bros. Records

12 June 1996
US Chart Peak
No Release
UK Chart Peak
  1. Dinner With Delores (2:46)
  2. Had U (1:27)
  3. Right The Wrong (4:40)

Chaos And Disorder – review

The title says it all. Prince’s animosity towards his relationship with Warner Brothers is laid bare. Although it is very easy to criticise this album, get over it – Chaos And Disorder is a wonderful album. Sadly it is almost impossible to find die-hard Prince/ Prince love symbol fans publicly champion this album, those who clearly don’t appreciate Prince at his rawest. Despite what we are meant to believe Chaos And Disorder was a rush job of tracks thrown together by Prince to get Warner off his case once and for all and complete his side of the bargain of their infamous ‘CONtract’, the album is by no means a half-hearted effort nor suffers in result. The contractual spat was the genesis why the album is packed full of venom – fantastic! Chaos And Disorder achieves exactly what it was written to do – kick ass – and is what The Hate Experience really ought to have been. There is so much good to mention here: the opening track Chaos And Disorder starts the fire. The Same December, Right The Wrong, the epic I Rock Therefore I Am and the damn right spiteful Dig U Better Dead give the album its unique tempo, the peak being Zannalee. Who else could tell the largest record company on the planet to get lost; this is how it’s done. The opposite spectrum of Prince’s passion should never be underestimated and although Prince’s music is best for the bedroom, Chaos And Disorder is Prince at his most pissed off. The man certainly has a dark side and that is found to be a boost rather than hindrance to his creativity and that has never been showcased better than with this album. Prince excels at airing his frustrations in public, how else to finish off a decaying relationship with Had U and begin life unchained, and a lot more calmer, as an independent artist. That’s not to say the album is one dimensional it finds it’s tender side with the dreamy I Will. Just 4 weeks in the charts this is Prince’s wholly undeserved commercial flop but don’t let that fact tarnish what is in reality is Prince’s most energised and empowered album to date. As the curtain fell on first phase of Prince’s career, as an independent artist he was too at ease to be this passionate again.

Chaos And Disorder

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