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Who is Goldies Parade?

Goldie’s Parade the song – is the eighth track on the NPG’s GoldNigga album. This website is named in honour of that little known album and to draw credit to Prince’s full released discography. The most well-known songs from GoldNigga are 2gether, which was also released on the much overlooked 1-800 New Funk compilation CD, and of course the fantastic – Johnny.

Goldies Parade the website – was launched in 1998, back when Newpower Soul was Prince’s latest album, and when Excite was a bigger search engine than Google, and Facebook not even a concept. It keeps fans informed of all Prince related news, tours and releases ever since.

Goldies Parade the alter ego – me – championed Uptown magazine’s countersuit against Prince in 1999 over its use of the Prince love symbol (Prince love symbol). I have throughout my entire life seem to have always known Prince’s music. Since the early 1980s when watching Prince on TV do his splits in Little Red Corvette I found the music, the showman, the spins and those flying splits totally captivating. But my Prince epiphany did not come until 13 December 1991 when watching an Omnibus special on the BBC and in spending the following morning rushing to Our Price to buy my first Prince album Diamonds And Pearls which had just come out. It was in that moment point I was enthralled and became an instant fanboy and set about feverishly collecting his then back catalogue of twelve albums, discovering ever more material not known to be before, such as Dirty Mind, For You and Controversy. I was fascinated how different Around The World In A Day sounded to Purple Rain; how I was only previously aware of one song from Lovesexy, and that Graffiti Bridge had all but passed me by; and the shock discovery that D.M.S.R. was missing from my copy of 1999 and immediately purchasing the re-pressing to rectify that. He rocked my world then and has continued to do so ever since. After I captured all Prince’s albums and quickly came to cherish and admire how each was and so different to one another: their diversity and the fact we got one album, sometimes two, per year. Then I discovered the related artists and my musical horizons expanded as I never imagined would. Finally, there was those countless concerts, where I made many of the happiest moments of my life. Seeing him play venues large and small and getting to the front row of his aftershows, so close in fact that in November 2006 he reached out and handed me his guitar pick.

So in 1998 I became the man behind this website and created a place dedicated to his work and to the music which forms the soundtrack to my and countless of other lives worldwide. Quoted by MTV, GoldiesParade.co.uk is on a mission to bring fans up-to-date and straightforward digest of the real uncensored news on what they want to hear about the greatest musician in living memory.

Prince had a knack of hiring band members who were both delightful to meet and love what they do. This website is also homage also to their work: the Revolution, New Power Generation, the 3RDEYEGIRLS, Hornz, Diamond and Pearl, Twinz, even you Tony M, we fondly remember you. Rest in peace Prince.

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