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The Gold Experience

Warner Bros. Records

America’s been good to us, we just can’t release our music until 1999.

Intended for release on 7 June 1994 The Gold Experience album was postponed by Warner Brothers to not compete with that August’s release of Come. Their withholding of The Gold Experience heightened Prince’s embittered dispute over his contract with the label and their ownership of his music, plus the fact that he considered The Gold Experience also to be his best work. The fallout from this would consume Prince for years to follow. When finally released, the album was enjoyed commercial success, selling 500,000 copies in the US and 100,000 in the UK (appearing in the top ten in both territories), it is aptly certified Gold by RIAA.

The lead CD single The Most Beautiful Girl In The World is notable in that it preceded its album by a staggering 19 months. It would become Prince’s first and only UK number one. In March 1995 Prince pressed ahead with the supporting tour, named The Ultimate Live Experience, despite it being far from certain the album would ever be released. During this tour large screens showcased the album’s artwork emblazoned with: “release date … NEVER!”. It became the first ever tour to promote an album not even available to buy, and with the very real prospect of The Gold Experience never being released. Warner Brothers did eventually release it in September 1995, long after the tour had finished.

The single The Most Beautiful Girl In The World is perhaps one of Prince’s most crucial released. Not only was it Prince’s first release under the name of The Artist Formally Known As Prince ( Prince love symbol), Warner Brothers had permitted the release only under the proviso Prince pay for the distribution himself. So he did – putting it out under NPG Records, his new label which replaced his recently closed Paisley Park Records – a sub-label of Warner Brothers. Keeley this severed Prince’s ties with that label, and this success of the release and his self financed distribution gave Prince the confidence to peruse his career as an independent artist.

The B-side to the single Gold is Rock N’ Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis), Prince had written this track in response to Lenny Kravitz’s song Rock N’ Roll Is Dead. It was re-released in a special vinyl pressing by The Prince Estate on 5 April 2019.

The voice of the NPG Operator is Rain Ivana.


All Instruments
The Artist Formally Known As Prince
Michael Bland
Tommy Barbarella
Morris Hayes
Ricky Peterson
Bass Guitar
Sonny Thompson
NPG Hornz
NPG Operator
Rain Ivana


The Artist Formally Known As Prince & Ricky Peterson
Warner Bros. Records
Warner Bros. Records
Cover Art/Photo
Amanda Costanzi and Michael Van Huffel
24 years, 10 months ago on 25 September 1995
Running Time
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
Prince Album


  1. P. Control (5:59) 2
  2. NPG Operator (0:10)
  3. Endorphinmachine (4:07)
  4. Shhh (7:18)
  5. We March (4:49) 3
  6. NPG Operator (0:16)
  7. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (4:25) 1
  8. Dolphin (4:59)
  9. NPG Operator (0:18)
  10. Now (4:30)
  11. NPG Operator (0:31)
  12. 319 (3:05)
  13. NPG Operator (0:10)
  14. Shy (5:04)
  15. Billy Jack Bitch [feat. Lenny Kravitz] (5:32) 4
  16. Eye Hate U (5:54) 1
  17. NPG Operator (0:44)
  18. Gold (7:23) 1

1 Released as singles.
2 Also known as Pussy Control.
3 Co-written with Nona Gaye.
4 Co-written with Michael B. Nelson.

Singles from The Gold Experience

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World single from The Gold Experience

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

NPG Records

9 February 1994
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (4:07)
  2. Beautiful (3:57)
Eye Hate U [The Hate Experience] single from The Gold Experience

Eye Hate U [The Hate Experience]

Warner Bros. Records

12 September 1995
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Eye Hate U [7" Edit] (3:50)
  2. Eye Hate U [Album Edit] (4:27)
  3. Eye Hate U [Extended Remix] (6:17)
  4. Eye Hate U [Quiet Night Mix by Eric Leeds] (3:55)
  5. Eye Hate U (6:07)
Gold single from The Gold Experience


Warner Bros. Records

30 November 1995
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Gold [Edit] (4:43)
  2. Rock N' Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis) (4:34)
  3. Eye Hate U [Extended Remix] (6:17)

Supporting tour

The Ultimate Live Experience

The Ultimate Live Experience


The Gold Experience – review

Sex, Fetishes, Loneliness, Vindication, Love and Hate are the range of ‘experiences’ Prince shares here, and all neatly linked by very sultry female narration. Personally The Gold Experience is my favourite Prince album (and reputedly Prince’s favourite too). I skipped college to rush to HMV, then get home to listen to this first morning of its release. Putting it on almost 20 years later it still surprises how good it is. The sound remains so fresh, the quality of the music and tightness it is performed makes it a crime to think it was an almost a shelved Prince album. It is famous as ‘that’ album, which became the last straw in Prince’s relationship with Warner Brothers due to their refusal to release it. So along came a rare moment in music, that a tour (teasing its audiences with ‘Release Date: NEVER’ over jumbo screens showing the album’s artwork) preceded the release of the album it was promoting (and at the time with no prospect of release). The tour remains, frankly, one of his greatest tours to date. I digress. The Gold Experience contains Prince’s worldwide smash The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (his last proper hit single) but it is the stunning guitar over Shhh where you can actually hear the guitar literally sing its heart out. These, with Endorphinmachine and Dolphin make this one of his best albums of his entire career. Eye Hate U (which is about Prince’s breakup with Carmen Electra), Shy and the absolutely tight-ass Billy Jack Bitch keep the album raw even 20 years listening later. After the blatant Purple Rain reboot Gold we are finally ‘welcomed 2 the dawn’. And what a grand awakening it turned out to be. The Gold Experience became the gold standard that all future Prince albums was to be measured by and to this day this has not since been matched.

The Gold Experience

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