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Prince’s 5th death anniversary remembered

21 April 2021 Prince’s 5th death anniversary remembered Read more Newsroom

Welcome 2 America Deluxe due July

8 April 2021 Welcome 2 America Deluxe due July Read more Newsroom

Are these the three releases planned for 2021?

23 February 2021 Are these the three releases planned for 2021? Read more Commentary

Welcome 2 America

30 July 2021 Welcome 2 America See more New release

New releases


30 July 2021
Welcome 2 America

30 July 2021 Welcome 2 America CD & Vinyl See more

With The Prince Estate having struck a deal with Sony Legacy Recordings in 2018, Prince’s catalogue albums are undergoing the gradual process of remastering for rerelease and reissue over the coming years. This programme is envisaged to also include the unreleased songs recorded since he left the Warner label in 1993. Read more about this here. Prince’s Paisley Park vault is believed to contain 100 albums worth of unreleased material.

It is known that the final shows of the Piano & A Microphone tour were recorded and that it was Prince’s wish to release them as a live album. Being that these were his final ever shows a commercial release of these is anticipated at some future point.

Read about upcoming and other new Prince releases on our dedicated page.

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Welcome 2 America Tour

TOUR TIMELINE Welcome 2 America Tour (2010/12) See more

Who was Prince? Read about his music, contractual strife and legendary career, in Goldie’s three-part Prince biography, including that infamous spat with Warner Brothers, his surprise 2004 commercial comeback and subsequent success. Lean about Paisley Park Studios and every key studio he recorded at throughout his career, plus his fabled vault.

Step back in time through the complete Prince discography with trivia and full track listings for every officially released album, single and audio download.

The discography includes the official websites, detailing every audio download ever released by Prince, most notably from his pioneering NPG Music Club, see every official download from all his websites.

Ever wondered what songs were played on each tour and where Prince performed? See every Prince tour with this complete tour timeline with every venue and date played for every Prince tour. From his first to his very last, every tour date is included.

Chart the success of all Prince’s hits and the major awards he won. Browse the best books written about Prince and those he released himself. Deep dive into his movies and videos. The Databank has it all.

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