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Posthumous Prince albums

When Prince died on 21 April 2016, the music world was in profound loss. In life Prince had released 39 studio albums. Legend has it his Paisley Park vault is filled with 100 albums worth of material. In death Prince’s estate will be releasing some of that music. Below are the albums released following Prince’s death, reviewed in context with his unparalleled legacy to music and modern culture.

Piano & A Microphone 1983

Warner Bros. Records (2018)

Prince’s vault, that holy sanctum for any Prince fax, has been prised open and its songs and hidden gems are starting to emerge. Piano & A Microphone is the first of them to see light of day. It captures Prince laying down demos at a home studio session in 1983, when he was on the verge of international stardom. This intimate, heartfelt recording shows what it really sounds like when doves cry.

Piano & A Microphone 1983 album review

Purple Rain Deluxe

Warner Bros. Records (2017)

Three CDs and a DVD, Purple Rain Deluxe celebrates Prince’s most definitive year with real flare. Disk 1 contains his 2015 remastered version of the original album. Disk 2 houses the unreleased gems. Disk 3 the edits and extended versions, some for the first time ever on CD. It will be remembered for the official release of The Dance Electric, Electric Intercourse and Possessed, but there real substance to be found in this solid collection. The length and breadth of 1984 is here and in all its hype and glory.

Purple Rain Deluxe album review

Prince 4Ever

Warner Bros. Records (2016)

The first album released following Prince’s death, Prince 4Ever is an emotional journey through the Warner Brothers era, 1978 to 1993, showcasing the singles during the artist’s most profile and creative period. But this double album of 40 tracks will be notable for one; the long awaited official issue of Moonbeam Levels, probably the greatest outtake in the history of music. The wealth and depth of Prince’s work shall never cease to amaze, and the two hours this album showcases the legacy of the greatest song writer and performer of the modern age.

Prince 4Ever album review

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