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The complete Prince discography (1958-2016). Within these pages are detailed information about every album, single, video and music download ever officially released by Prince. They form perhaps the most diverse and familiar catalogue in the history of modern music. Be it under his birth name or as Prince love symbol, Prince released thirty-nine studio albums, and was contributor to many others written and recorded by and for other artists. Prince’s total record sales exceed 100 million worldwide. He is so prolific that he founded a pioneering internet club in 2001 to directly channel his music to his fans to avoid the cost and need of a music industry middleman – Prince continually defied convention and at every step reshaped it.

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Walk through the complete discography of Prince and through with Goldie’s two-part review Warner Brother and Emancipated Artist covering this peerless genius of Minneapolis’s enigmatic Paisley Parker – right through to his remarkable return to form with Art Official Age.

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