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Graffiti Bridge (movie)

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The Graffiti Bridge movie is the sequel to Purple Rain in which Prince reprises his role as the Kid, as do The Time. The story line is almost identical but this time the conflict between the ownership of a club called Glam Slam. The movie takes its title from a derelict bridge in Eden Prairie, and in the film becomes the bridge is where Prince meets his guardian angel, Aura (played by Ingrid Chavez). The movie is shot at Paisley Park Studios in just 36 days and opened at the Zeigfield Theatre in New York on 1 November 1990, box office takings amounting to just $3.9 million. The release extended to 688 theatres from the 2nd but bad reviews found the Graffiti Bridge movie cancelled soon afterwards and not even shown in the UK. The movie grossed a mere $4.5 million in total and afterwards Prince made no more movies. It was released on VHS on 24 April 1991 and on DVD on 18 October 2004, as part of a boxset with his other two movies.


It’s got that Purple Rain feeling through and through. And it’s got The Kid, too. For the first time since Purple Rain, Prince is back as The Kid. And where he goes, there’s music. With Thieves In The Templeand New Power Generation, Elephants And Flowers and more red-hot Prince tunes from the Platinum-selling Graffiti Bridge sound track. What times is it? Party time. Morris Day & The Time play Release It, Shake! and more. And you’ll also see and hear George Clinton, Tevin Campbell, Robin Power, Mavis Staples and other hot performers, too. Graffiti Bridge is where the movie meets the music.

The DVD features the music videos:

  1. New Power Generation
  2. The Question Of U
  3. Thieves In The Temple
  4. Round And Round


2 November 1990
Running Time
86 minutes

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