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Purple Rain [movie], VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray (1984) Purple Rain [movie] Warner Bros. Pictures (1984)
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Purple Rain [movie]

Warner Bros. Pictures

Still reigns at 30

Prince laid plans to produce a movie out of the concerts he had filmed during the Controversy Tour, this would contain biographical interludes of his life; it would be called The Second Coming. Over the next year the idea evolved into a full-blown movie, charting Prince’s life and the struggles of its three leading characters, and the rivalry in the Minneapolis music scene. Originally titled Dreams, the project was renamed Purple Rain. Shooting took place over the winter and spring of 1983/4.

The premier of the Purple Rain movie was held at Graumann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on 26 July 1984. The movie then opened at 900 theatres across the US. It was critically acclaimed, and went on to gross $68.4 million and was one of the most successful films of 1984 (keeping company with The Terminator, Ghost Busters, Amadeus, Footloose, Beverly Hills Cop, and Indiana Jones 2, no less). The movie’s soundtrack won Prince an Oscar for Best Original Score, which he collected on 25 March 1985 in Music Center at the 57th ceremony of the Academy Awards.

The Purple Rain movie was released on VHS on 19 November 1984 (total sales are certified Platinum by the RIAA) and later reissued on 25 July 1997 on DVD, a Blu-Ray edition followed on 24 July 2007. On 17 October 2016 it was again reissued as the Prince Movie Collection, a boxset containing for the first time, all three of Prince’s three movies as a single release.


The Purple Rain movie is about a young black club musician, the Kid, growing up in Minneapolis and struggling to find success with his band The Revolution, and in the backdrop of the violent breakdown of his parent’s marriage, and finding love with the sexy Apollonia Kotero. The owner of the club, First Avenue, tells the Kid that one act must go. The Revolution compete for their place with rival group, The Time, in their bid for stardom. A gritty film, which is very closely based on the experiences of Prince’s real life.

DVD features the documentaries:

  1. First Avenue: The Road to Pop Royalty
  2. Purple Rain: Backstage Pass
  3. Riffs, Ruffles and a Revolution: The Impact and Influence of Purple Rain
  4. MTV Premier Party
  5. Eight Music Videos


Albert Magnoli
27 July 1984
17 October 2016 as Prince Movie Collection
Running Time
113 minutes
Orig. Format

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