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Warner Bros. Records

It’s a rare singer-songwriter who can just give away undeniable hits.

Originals is a compilation album containing 15 tracks gleaned from Prince‘s fabled – and quite literally prised-open – Paisley Park vault. The songs are his original previously unreleased demo recordings of songs that he wrote for or later gave to other artists for inclusion on their own albums and released under their name. The most notable are four top-10 chart hit singles: Manic Monday (the track he gave to The Bangles – Billboard singles chart peak #2); Nothing Compares 2 U (given to and rerecorded by Sinead O’Connor, 1990 – Billboard #1); The Glamorous Life (given to and rerecorded by Shelia E., 1984 – Billboard #7); and Love… Thy Will Be Done (released on the 1991 album Martika’s Kitchen – Billboard #10). On many occasions, in the final recording only the vocal tracking replaced by the other artist’s voice and Prince’s original instrumentation remains largely unaltered.

The songs were selected by The Estate’s representative Troy Carter and artist Jay-Z. The album was first streamed on Jay-Z’s TIDAL on 7 June 2019 of which would have marked Prince’s 61st birthday, the release of the physical version of Originals followed on 21 June. The songs were recorded between 1981 and 1991 when Prince was signed to Warner Brothers, therefore Originals is released under that label.

Having declined Michael Jackson’s offer to duet on the title track of his Bad album in 1986*, Prince instead offered his track Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me? to Jackson to rerecord himself, however he declined Prince’s offer and the rivalry between the two icons grew. This track was instead given to Taja Seville, who had been signed to Paisley Park Records since 1985. Prince supposedly withdrew his participation due to the opening lyric of that song, which would have Jackson sing to Prince – “Your butt is mine”.

Originals was released as two editions: Standard (one format of the album) and Deluxe (both CD and vinyl formats packaged together in a hardback slipcase with an accompanying 24-page booklet).

Photography by Virginia Turbett

When Prince’s versions were recorded

The oldest track on the album is Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me? and dates from 1976. Prince rerecorded it in 1982 at Sunset Sound and offered Michael Jackson the track in 1986 who declined it, instead ending up on Taja Sevelle’s debut album, released through Paisley Park Records in 1987. Make-Up was recorded at Prince’s home studio on Kiowa Trail in 1981 specifically for Vanity 6. Gigolos Get Lonely Too was recorded in 1982 at Sunset Sound specifically for The Time. You’re My Love was recorded in 1982 at the Kiowa Trail home studio, then re-recorded by Kenny Rogers in 1986. Baby, You’re A Trip was recorded at Sunset Sound in 1982, Jill Jones overlaid her vocals to this version for her 1987 debut album. Jungle Love was recorded at Sunset Sound in 1983 for The Time. Sex Shooter was planned for Vanity 6 and recorded at the Kiowa Trail home studio in 1983, this version was instead overdubbed with Apollonia Kotero’s vocals. The Glamorous Life was recorded at Sunset Sound in 1983 for Apollonia 6, but re-recorded by Sheila E in 1984. Manic Monday was also intended for Apollonia 6 and was recorded at Sunset Sound in 1984, but was offered to The Bangles in 1985. Noon Rendezvous was also recorded at Sunset Sound in 1984 for Sheila E’s project. 100 MPH was recorded at Flying Cloud Drive warehouse in 1984. Nothing Compares 2 U was also recorded at Flying Cloud Drive warehouse, on 15 July 1984. Dear Michelangelo was recorded at Master Sound while in Georgia during the Purple Rain tour in 1985, specifically for Sheila E. Holly Rock was also recorded for Sheila E, laid down at Sunset Sound in 1985. Love… The Will Be Done was recorded at Paisley Park Studios in 1990, specifically for Martika.


NPG Records
Warner Bros. Records
Allen Beaulieu
1 years, 10 months ago on 21 June 2019
Running Time
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
Orig. Formats


  1. [for Apollonia 6, 1984] (3:06)
  2. [for The Time, 1984] (3:04)
  3. Manic Monday [for The Bangles, 1985] (2:51)
  4. [for Sheila E., 1984] (3:00)
  5. [for Vanity 6, 1982] (2:27)
  6. 100 MPH [for Mazarati, 1986] (3:31)
  7. You're My Love [for Kenny Rogers, 1986] (4:24)
  8. Holly Rock [for Sheila E., 1985] (6:39)
  9. [for Jill Jones, 1987] (5:52)
  10. [for Sheila E., 1984] (4:12)
  11. [for The Time, 1982] (4:49)
  12. Love… Thy Will Be Done [for Martika, 1991] (4:09)
  13. [for Sheila E., 1985] (5:22)
  14. Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me? [for Taja Sevelle, 1987] (5:57)
  15. [for The Family, 1985 & Sinead O'Connor, 1990] (4:39) 1

1 Released as a single.

Singles from Originals

Nothing Compares 2 U single from Originals, Warner Bros. Records (2018)

Nothing Compares 2 U

Warner Bros. Records

19 April 2018
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Nothing Compares 2 U (4:40)
Holly Rock single from Originals, Warner Bros. Records (2019)

Holly Rock

Warner Bros. Records

25 July 2019
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Holly Rock (3:55)

Originals – review

Well if these are demos, the standard of tracks on Originals is outstanding. What is more surprising are how many of the tracks maintained Prince’s instrumentalisation and this not only include those he gave to his side projects The Time and Sheila E., but smash hits like Love… Thy Will Be Done, where the sole difference between his and Martika’s version is the vocal tracking, and the job is done – one of many hit record, included in this great album, in the bag. That’s how Prince was in the 1980s, a hit factory, whose output could not put a foot wrong. Couple that, with the fact Prince’s versions actually sound better than the more ‘original’ versions we all know too well. This is most stark with Manic Monday (of course the intended star of the album); but once acclimatised to instead hearing Prince’s vocals you are reminded he is the creator of this great song – yet don’t mistake Originals as a mere ‘pre-covers’ album. Its standout tracks are the lesser known Make-Up (which he gave to Vanity 6), and the clutch of others – Holly Rock, Noon Rendezvous and Dear Michelangelo – all given to Shelia E. It’s a pure delight to hear Prince’s original of the sublime Baby, You’re A Trip, his version again confirming this is one of the greatest tracks he gave away. Prince’s delivery is clear and precise throughout, the love and care put into his music is shines through even in these supposed demos. They don’t in any way lack the power, passion and sheer quality of any of his published output, Originals is no official repressing of a well-played bootleg spirited out of Paisley Park’s famed vault. Listen to the tenderness of Love… The Will Be Done and the chaos of Holly Rock – the two best tracks on the album, Originals showcases Prince in all his forms: his profligacy, generosity, and master of his craft. Originals is an essential listen and an inspired addition in Prince’s catalogue.


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