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The Glamorous Life, Warner Bros. Records (1984) The Glamorous Life © 1984, Warner Bros. Records
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The Glamorous Life

Warner Bros. Records

I felt like we were married

Sheila Escovedo is a percussionist who Prince first met in 1978, when she was performing at a concert. In 1984 she joined Prince’s band during the writing of the Purple Rain album, providing backing vocals to Erotic City.

Under the terms of his contract, Prince was allowed to sign acts to Warner Bros. Records, and he put together The Glamorous Life her first solo project. Despite protestations to the contrary, all its tracks were in fact written by Prince but credited to Sheila, except Noon Rendezvous2 which is co-credited to Prince: “They didn’t want people to know she was backed up by Prince, because it would look like she wasn’t making it on her own merits … but everyone knows when you hear the album, you can tell it’s him.”

Indeed all songs (except2) on The Glamorous Life was originally written, albeit the title track was intended by Prince for inclusion on the album for Apollonia 6. Prince’s production credit for this album is under the name of The Starr ★ Company. The album was recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, in late 1983 to early 1984. It reached 28 in the Billboard charts, and on 10 January 1985 was certified Gold by RIAA. It produced two hit singles, the title track and The Belle of St Mark and nominated for a Grammy.

In 2019, Prince’s version of The Glamorous Life and Noon Rendezvous with his vocals, was released by Warner Brothers as Originals.


Prince (as The Starr ★ Company) and Sheila E
Warner Bros. Records
Warner Bros. Records
Larry Williams, Jeff Ayeroff and Laura LiPuma
36 years, 11 months ago on 4 June 1984
Running Time
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
Orig. Formats


  1. The Belle Of St. Mark [feat. Jill Jones] (5:08) 1
  2. Shortberry Strawcake [feat. Prince] (4:44)
  3. Noon Rendezvous (3:50) 2
  4. Oliver's House [feat. Jill Jones] (6:20) 1
  5. Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar (3:50)
  6. The Glamorous Life [feat. Prince] (8:58) 1
  7. The Glamorous Life [Club Edit] (6:33)

1 Released as singles.

Supporting tour

Purple Rain Tour

Purple Rain Tour


  • 98 shows from 4 November 1984 to 7 April 1985

The Glamorous Life – review

Of Sheila E’s three albums completed with Prince, The Glamourous Life, her 1985 debut album, is the better of these. It houses Sheela’s two true crowd-pleasers the title track and The Belle Of St. Mark. The standout track on the album and one of the best by all Prince’s associate acts, is The Belle Of St. Mark. This quintessential Revolution era tune is woefully overlooked even by Prince fans – is a most memorable track. It has that “I did’nt know that was Prince” background to it and if it were released by The Bangles the song would have received the success enjoyed levied on Manic Monday. Sheila has prestigious talent as a drummer and percussionist, but her albums did not invite repeat listening. The percussion sections became repetitive, even a little too long to play all the way through. For a prime example take A Love Bizarre (Romance 1600), although this is doubtless her most iconic song due to the provenance it has with Prince, it rambles on for twelve minutes. There are further examples too, in The Glamourous Life: Oliver’s House – yes, it is catchy, but the instrumental is 3 minutes too long, as is Shortberry Shortcake. That is not to say the work is self-indulgent they just offer the listen enough reward. What does, however, are the heart beating and melodic Noon Rendezvous, the album’s third best song.

The Glamorous Life

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