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Newpower Soul


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Released under the credit of The New Power Generation, Newpower Soul is therefore not officially a ‘Prince‘ album.

Prince’s involvement on this album is merely credited under the name “The Artist Formally Known As Prince – all musical instruments and tantrums” and he is prominently and solely featured on the cover. The album is by defacto a Prince album and to be regarded as such.

New Power Pak

Newpower Soul was released as a standalone CD through BMG due to Prince’s friendship with the label’s then owner Clive Davis. It was also available for purchase through his merchandise website 1800newfunk.com as a 3-disk slipcase set under the name New Power Pak, which included Chaka Khan’s Come 2 My House and Larry Graham’s GCS2000. The song Wasted Kisses is notable in that it contains a sample of a flat-lining heart monitor and is believed to reference the tragic death of Prince and Mayte’s son, George, shortly after birth. Prince promoted Newpower Soul on tour and it also fared well in the charts, peaking at number 22 in the USA.

The New Power Generation

The Artist Formally Known As Prince
Kirk Johnson
Rhythm Guitar
Mike Scott
Morris Hayes
Bass Guitar
Rhonda Smith
Marva King
The Hornheadz


The Artist Formally Known As Prince
NPG Records
Cover Art
Steven Parke
20 years ago, on 30 June 1998
Running Time
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak


  1. Newpower Soul (5:01)
  2. Mad Sex (5:13)
  3. Until U're In My Arms Again (4:47)
  4. When U Love Somebody (5:56)
  5. Shoo-Bed-Ooh (3:24)
  6. Push It Up [feat. Doug E. Fresh and Larry Graham] (5:28)
  7. Freaks On This Side (5:42)
  8. Come On [feat. Chaka Khan] (5:59) 1
  9. The One (7:05)
  10. (Eye Like) Funky Music [feat. Doug E. Fresh] (4:32)
  11. Wasted Kisses (3:07) 2

1 Released as a single.
2 Hidden track (#49).

Singles from Newpower Soul

Come On single from Newpower Soul

Come On

NPG Records

16 October 1998
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Come On [Doug E. Fresh Mix] (4:57)
  2. Come On [Remix] (8:14)
  3. Come On [Album Edit] (4:30)
  4. Come On [Hypermix] (7:58)
  5. Come On [Latenitemix] (4:10)
  6. Come On [Acapella] (3:27)

Supporting tour

Jam of the Year Tour

Jam of the Year Tour


Newpower Soul – review

Prince had not been this funky since Dirty Mind, and why did it have to take so long! With Mad Sex and Push It Up, it’s business as usual for his Purple Badness’s favourite subject again, although from this point forward swearing would be off bounds for Prince. Technically Newpower Soul is an NPG, not a ‘Prince/Prince Symbol‘ album, but with his photo on the cover and the Prince sound throughout every track it’s no secret whose album Newpower Soul is. In subsequent years Prince became more blues brother than funk soul brother and it’s easy to forget just how funky Prince can be at the drop of a hat, and thankfully proof of that comes back with a vengeance on this collection. Newpower Soul is a woefully overlooked album which punches well above its weight. The best tracks are When U Love Somebody, the moody Shoo-Bed-Ooh, playful Mad Sex and the rousing Push It Up, only slowing down the proceedings for Until U’re In My Arms Again and the classy The One. Freaks On This Side takes a couple of listens but when you let it in it becomes the song on the album you’ll play the loudest. It is Rhonda’s bass that elevates Newpower Soul with Come On and will be your most played track on the album (the remixes pack even greater punch). Be sure not to miss the bonus track Wasted Kisses, which rounds off a much unappreciated but extremely solid album. Prince may have sworn off swearing but he is still able to muster plenty of attitude.

Newpower Soul

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