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GCS 2000

NPG Records

Prince’s first collaboration with long-term musical influence Larry Graham the former bass guitarist of Sly & The Family Stone and later religious confidant; he and Prince became and remain close friends. GCS 2000 – standing for Larry’s band, Graham Central Station, was released the same day with Chaka Khan’s Come 2 My House album, Graham’s GCS 2000 likewise received assistance from Prince in the hope to re-launch Graham’s career. Prince co-produced the album and co-wrote the track Utopia. The pair joined Prince as support acts on the Newpower Festival tour to promote Graham’s and Khan’s individual projects. Prince’s involvement on the album is credited under the name Prince love symbol.


Larry Graham and The Artist Formally Known As Prince
NPG Records
NPG Records
21 years ago, on 21 July 1998
Running Time
US Chart Peak
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Track list

  1. GCS 2000 (3:53)
  2. Free [feat. Prince and Chaka Khan] (7:04) 2
  3. U Move Me (4:43)
  4. Just B My Lady (5:28) 2
  5. Love 4 1another (8:15)
  6. Segue (0:46)
  7. Don't Let'em Change U (5:47)
  8. Utopia (3:47) 1
  9. Groove On (7:24)
  10. Eye Just Found Somebody 2 Love (5:16)
  11. Eye'magettin' (5:35)

1 Co-written and performed by Prince and Larry Graham.
2 Additional vocals and instruments by Prince.

Supporting tour

Jam of the Year Tour

Jam of the Year Tour


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