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Everybody’s a slave until you say ‘no’.

Exodus is the New Power Generation’s second album (following GoldNigga) credited to them as a sole entity, but this time released with Prince credited under the name Tora Tora (the war cry famously employed by the Japanese during their attack on Pearl Harbour) in reference to his on-going and embittered dispute with Warner Brothers.

Prince performs throughout Exodus and his vocals are heard in two of its tracks; The Return of the Bump Squad and The Exodus Has Begun – bassist Sonny T. providing the vocals for the album’s remaining tracks (however all are written and the instruments are performed by Prince). The song Get Wild (5:58) was earlier released by Columbia Records, on 6 December 1994 on their soundtrack for the movie Prêt-A-Porter as a slightly extended version.

The New Power Generation

Vox/Bass Guitar
Sonny Thompson
Michael Bland
Rhythm Guitar
Mike Scott
Morris Hayes
Tommy Barbarella
Eric Leeds
Mayte Garcia


The Artist Formally Known As Prince
NPG Records
NPG Records
Cover Art/Photo
Debbie McGuan, Steve Parke and Michael Van Huffel
25 years, 3 months ago on 27 March 1995
Running Time
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak


  1. NPG Operator Intro (0:35)
  2. Get Wild (4:33) 1
  3. Segue (0:38)
  4. DJ Gets Jumped (0:22)
  5. New Power Soul (4:10)
  6. DJ Seduces Sonny (0:38)
  7. Segue (0:43)
  8. Count The Days (3:24) 1
  9. The Good Life (5:48) 1
  10. Cherry, Cherry (4:45)
  11. Segue (0:18)
  12. Return Of The Bump Squad (7:20)
  13. Mashed Potato Girl (0:21)
  14. Segue (3:00)
  15. Big Fun (7:26)
  16. New Power Day (3:49)
  17. Segue (0:14)
  18. Hallucination Rain (5:49)
  19. NPG Bum Rush The Ship (1:40)
  20. The Exodus Has Begun (10:06)
  21. Outro (0:37)

1 Released as singles.

Singles from Exodus

Get Wild single from Exodus

Get Wild

NPG Records

20 March 1995
US Chart Peak
No Release
UK Chart Peak
  1. Get Wild (4:51)
  2. Beautiful Girl (4:32)
  3. Hallucination Rain (5:52)
Get Wild [The Wild Experience] single from Exodus

Get Wild [The Wild Experience]

NPG Records

3 April 1995
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Get Wild [Money Maker] (6:01)
  2. Get Wild [Kirky J's Get Wild] (6:38)
  3. Get Wild [Club Mix] (5:04)
  4. Get Wild [In The House] (6:14)
  5. Get Wild (4:33)
  6. Get Wild [Money Maker Funky Jazz Mix] (6:20)
The Good Life single from Exodus

The Good Life

NPG Records

13 June 1995
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. The Good Life [Platinum People Edit] (4:12)
  2. The Good Life [Platinum People Mix] (6:40)
  3. The Good Life [Dancing Divaz Mix] (6:40)
  4. The Good Life [Bullets Go Bang Remix] (5:14)
  5. The Good Life [Big City Remix] (5:05)
  6. The Good Life (5:48)
Count The Days single from Exodus

Count The Days

NPG Records

25 September 1995
US Chart Peak
No Release
UK Chart Peak
  1. Count The Days [Edit] (3:24)
  2. Count The Days (3:24)
  3. New Power Soul (3:49)

Exodus – review

The Exodus has begun. Exodus is the NPG’s well produced follow up to 1993’s GoldNigga. Although all written and most of the instruments are performed by Prince, all songs are sung and indeed remarkably well by Sonny T. Despite that the album is largely a collection of extended segues Exodus does give us the roaring Get Wild, the bouncy Return Of The Bump Squad and the intoxicating Hallucination Rain. The stand out track is the rallying chorus laden The Exodus Has Begun. Exodus was written at the time when Warner Brothers was withholding the release of The Gold Experience and thus used Exodus as the forum to vent Prince’s venom towards “that record company” and would form the subject matter for his solo follow up Chaos And Disorder. This ill temper benefits the album tremendously and unlike Chaos, Exodus is not as bleak but more fun for the listener. Good stuff aplenty is to be enjoyed and testament to that is the somewhat surprising chart success of its maxi-singles and the quality of their remixes; The Good Life mixes are well worth hearing. Although the album’s warning prophesied the end of major record labels, its message certainly got artists to think about creative control.


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