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The Ultimate Live Experience (1995) The Ultimate Live Experience 1995

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The Ultimate Live Experience


Music should be free like air.

This was the first tour in history to promote an unreleased album (The Gold Experience) and the tour was so named The Ultimate Live Experience as it was only possible for fans to experience, rather than purchase, Prince‘s latest music. The tour was essentially an evolution of three tours. Beginning in the USA with an unstructured series of concerts under the moniker Interactive Tour, a full scale tour evolved and moved to Europe billed as The Ultimate Live Experience and, in 1996 for the Japan leg became The Gold Tour. Being his first tour as Prince love symbol and refusing to play any of his hits, not all dates were were filled. The name of the tour was therefore to play on his live show legacy, as the ultimate performer. And for this reason, the shows proved a tonic to his core fan base, who craved the new music and his live performances, plus the spectacle, which included flying devils and an elevating bed.

The stage design resembled a human’s endorphin gland, and is pictured behind the clear CD tray of the album The Gold Experience. Not wishing to promote his Warner Brothers catalogue, the set lists featured only a few songs from hie pre 1993 era (the year Prince changed his name to Prince love symbol)1 due to the on-going dispute with his label over the ownership of Prince’s music – when by the time of the Japanese leg the much postponed album the tour was to promote had been finally released, it was renamed The Gold Tour.

Prince | Ultimate Live Experience 1995
Photography by Paul Bergen


The Artist Formally Known As Prince
Michael Bland
Morris Hayes
Tommy Barbarella
Bass Guitar
Sonny Thompson
Mayte Garcia

Total dates played

Sample setlist

  1. Endorphinmachine
  2. The Jam
  3. Shhh
  4. Days Of Wild
  5. Now
  6. Sex Machine
  7. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  8. P. Control
  9. Letitgo
  10. Pink Cashmere1
  11. Loose!
  12. A Case Of U
  13. I Love U In Me1
  14. Proud Mary
  15. The Ride
  16. 71
  17. Race
  18. Super Hero
  19. Billy Jack Bitch
  20. Eye Hate U
  21. 319
  22. Gold

Supporting album

The Gold Experience

The Gold Experience

Warner Bros. Records

25 September 1995
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak

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