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Lovesexy Tour


Technically (even to this day) it supersedes any in the round show that’s been done.

Despite being completely sold out (selling all 500,000 tickets for stadium sized shows and 32 dates in Europe and another 600,000 in the USA) the massive $2 million production cost of the Lovesexy Tour and its 90 crew found the tour barely breakeven.

The set design of the Lovesexy Tour was Prince‘s most extravagant. Its props included an actual T-Bird car, a basketball hoop and playground swing, and a hydraulic rising piano stage. The show was performed ‘in the round’ and split into two acts; the first comprised the raunchy songs, then following an intermission, the second act, spiritual and upbeat. Together the two acts depicted the journey of reaching heaven through hell – the triumph of light over the dark. The band line up is almost identical to Prince’s previous tour, Sign O’ The Times Tour. The final concert on the European leg of the Lovesexy Tour was filmed and the footage televised and later released on VHS.


Shelia E.
Miko Weaver
Bass Guitar
Levi Seacer Jr.
Matt Fink
Boni Boyer
Eric Leeds
Matthew Blistan "Atlanta Bliss"
Cat Glover

Total dates played

Sample setlist

Act I

  1. Erotic City
  2. Housequake
  3. Slow Love
  4. Adore
  5. Delirious
  6. Jack U Off
  7. Sister
  8. U Got The Look
  9. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  10. Head
  11. A Love Bizzare
  12. Blues In C (If I Had A Harem)
  13. When You Were Mine
  14. Little Red Corvette
  15. Pop Life
  16. Controversy
  17. Dirty Mind
  18. Superfunkycalifragisexy
  19. Bob George
  20. Anna Stesia

Act II

  1. Eye No
  2. Lovesexy
  3. Glam Slam
  4. The Cross
  5. I Wish U Heaven
  6. God Is Alive
  7. Kiss
  8. Dance On
  9. Let’s Go Crazy
  10. When Doves Cry
  11. Purple Rain
  12. 1999
  13. Alphabet St.

Supporting album



Warner Bros. Records

6 May 1988
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak

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