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The Chocolate Invasion

NPG Records

“Trax From The NPG Music Club: Volume 1”

Originally released throughout 2001 and 2002 as separate downloadable MP3s from Prince‘s official website npgmusicclub.com, they were re-released over two full MP3 albums in March 2004.

The first of these albums was called The Chocolate Invasion, the songs on it were tracks all written, recorded and stored in the vault between 1999 and 2001. Only the song The Dance was later re-worked and released on the album 3121. Prince hoped to release all the songs from the music club as part of a 7-CD retail set, however only The Chocolate Invasion and volume 2, The Slaughterhouse had materialised.

High (aborted album)

Of the tracks released under The Chocolate Invasion eight 3 were earlier intended for release on an aborted album named High. Its two remaining two tracks (Golden Parachute and The Daisy Chain) were included in the companion release The Slaughterhouse. U Make My Sun Shine being its only track to receive a retail release, it and Supercute intended to be the album’s promotional singles. The release of High as a full retail album planned for late 2000, was cancelled to clear way for Prince’s new project The Rainbow Children; all High‘s songs were released in digital format instead, via npgmusiclclub.com.


All instruments
Morris Hayes Underneath The Cream


NPG Records
NPG Records
Cover Art/Photo
Sam Jennings
5855 days ago on 29 March 2004
Running Time
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
Not charted
Prince Album


  1. When Eye Lay My Hands On U (3:43)
  2. Judas Smile (6:35)
  3. Supercute (4:15) 1 3
  4. Underneath The Cream (4:01) 3
  5. Sex Me, Sex Me Not (5:44)
  6. Vavoom (4:37)
  7. High (5:07) 3
  8. The Dance (4:43) 4
  9. Gamillah (3:11) 3
  10. U Make My Sun Shine [duet with Angie Stone] (7:05) 2 3

1 Sold as a CD single at the Hit N' Run 2001 Tour
2 Later released as a standalone retail CD single
3 From aborted High album
4 Alternate to 3121 version

Singles from The Chocolate Invasion

Supercute single from The Chocolate Invasion


NPG Records

14 April 2001
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
No Release
  1. Supercute (4:18)
  2. Underneath The Cream (4:00)

The Chocolate Invasion – review

Volume one of what was supposed to be a seven disk set The Chocolate Invasion was only to be released with volume two, The Slaughterhouse. Comprising ten tracks (or for the sake of correct terminology, “trax”) these are the cream of the crop of the MP3s available separately over the life of the NPG Music Club before Prince lost his interest in that by 2004. The Chocolate Invasion is therefore excluded by many from Prince’s studio album discography but it is in all essence a compilation of previously unreleased and studio-finished music, and if Crystal Ball is always readily included then so should this. So is there anything good on it? Six songs are from Prince’s aborted High album, which was skipped in favour of the more worthwhile The Rainbow Children. The Dance is the only track to receive a full commercial release, via 3121, a fact that underlines this track as the best of the collection here. Others worthy of seeking out are When Eye Lay My Hands On U, Underneath The Cream and Vavoom. But because The Chocolate Invasion is a compilation rather than a collection of songs conceived for one album it’s makes quite an eclectic listening experience.

The Chocolate Invasion

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