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Welcome 2 America Deluxe Edition, Sony Legacy (2021) Welcome 2 America Deluxe Edition © 2021, Sony Legacy

DUE 30 Jul 2021
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Welcome 2 America Deluxe Edition

Sony Legacy

Do you think today’s music will last?

Welcome 2 America offers a prime example of Prince losing interest in a project and moving on to the next. This full studio album was recorded during the spring of 2010 at Paisley Park Studios and was planned for release sometime in 2011 to accompany his 2010/11 tour also named Welcome 2 America. Prince continued with the tour but chose not to pursue the album, opting instead to release the subsequent project, 20Ten, in its place. Welcome 2 America was locked away into the vault and became known as the “lost” Prince album. 

The eventual issuing of Welcome 2 America marks Prince’s first previously unreleased studio album to receive an official release since his death in April 2016. The album is issued by Sony Legacy as two editions; Standard (the main 12-track album) and Deluxe (the studio album both in CD and double vinyl LP formats packaged together and with a Blu-ray disk plus a 32-page 12″ book).

The companion Blu-ray disk features a full concert filmed on 28 April 2011 at The Forum, in Inglewood, California, during the Welcome 2 America Tour and as part as his stint at the venue billed as the 21 Nite Stand. An accompanying single containing a live medley of Welcome 2 America and Dreamer is a recording from a concert performed on 14 May 2011, likewise at The Forum for the same tour.

Prince co-produced Welcome 2 America with his longest serving band member Morris Hayes, who also plays keyboards on the title track. The title track is a social commentary of present day America. The song 1,000 Light Years From Here is the original version as intended for this album, although was previously released in 2015 and mixed into the end of Black Muse in the final album Prince released during his lifetime, HITNRUN Phase Two. A slightly shorter version of the track When She Comes was also included into the track list of that 2015 album, but on Welcome 2 America features a piano in place of the accordion.

Cover story

Prince | Welcome 2 America
Photography by Mike Ruiz

The cover, a shot by New York photographer Mike Ruiz, pictures Prince holding a Cleo “bow” bass guitar made of wenge wood, built at the workshop of Luthier Jerry Auerswald, in Germany. This photograph was used to promote the Welcome 2 America Tour and although is the same photo intended for the original album, the 2010 version of the image included the New York City skyline as the backdrop depicting America.


Vocals/All Inst.
Chris Coleman Welcome 2 America and Hot Summer
Tal Wilkenfeld Welcome 2 America and Hot Summer
Morris Hayes Welcome 2 America
Michael B. Nelson 1,000 Light Years From Here
Steve Strand 1,000 Light Years From Here
Dave Jensen 1,000 Light Years From Here
Tenor Sax
Kenni Holmen 1,000 Light Years From Here
Baritone Sax
Kathy Jensen 1,000 Light Years From Here
Backing Vox
Shelby J.
Elisa Dease
Liv Warfield


Prince and Morris Hayes (as Mr Hayes)
NPG Records
Sony Legacy
Mike Ruiz
30 July 2021
Running Time
Orig. Formats


  1. Welcome 2 America [feat. Shelby J, Elisa Dease and Liv Warfield] (5:23) 1
  2. Running Game (Son Of A Slave Master) (4:05)
  3. Born 2 Die (5:03)
  4. 1,000 Light Years From Here (5:46)
  5. Hot Summer [feat. Liv Warfield] (3:32)
  6. Stand Up And B Strong [feat. Elisa Dease] (5:18) 2
  7. Check The Record (3:28)
  8. Same Page Different Book [feat. Shelby J, Elisa Dease and Liv Warfield] (4:41)
  9. (4:46)
  10. 1010 (Rin Tin Tin) (4:42)
  11. Yes (2:56)
  12. One Day We Will All B Free (4:41)
Running Time

Blu-ray: Live At The Forum, 28 April 2011

  1. Joy In Repetition
  2. Brown Skin 3
  3. 17 Days
  4. Shhh
  5. Controversy
  6. Theme From “Which Way Is Up” 4
  7. What Have You Done For Me Lately 5
  8. It's Alright 6
  9. Partyman
  10. Make You Feel My Love 7
  11. Misty Blue 8
  12. Let’s Go Crazy
  13. Delirious
  14. 1999
  15. Little Red Corvette
  16. Purple Rain
  17. The Bird
  18. Jungle Love
  19. A Love Bizarre
  20. Kiss
  21. Play That Funky Music 9
  22. Inglewood Swinging 10
  23. Fantastic Voyage 11
  24. More Than This 12

1 Released as a single
2 Written by Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum)
3 Written by Mark Batson, Shannon Sanders and India.Arie
4 Written by Norman Whitfield (Stargard)
5 Written by Janet Jackson, Scott McCallum and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
6 Written by Larry Graham
7 Written by Bob Dylan
8 Written by Bob Montgomery
9 Written by Robert Parissi (Wild Cherry)
10 "Hollywood Swinging" written by Kool & the Gang
11 Written by Lakeside
12 Written by Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music)

Singles from Welcome 2 America Deluxe Edition

Welcome 2 America single from Welcome 2 America Deluxe Edition, NPG Records (2021)

Welcome 2 America

NPG Records

28 July 2021
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Welcome 2 America (5:24)
  2. Dreamer / Welcome 2 America [Live, 14 May 2011] (6:12)

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Welcome 2 America

30 July 2021
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