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Welcome 2 America


No concert is ever the same.

Essentially a run of several tours under the banner Welcome 2 America; despite it’s name the tour evolved into a world tour – likely due to its continuing success. The tour was originally announced by Prince in person at the Apollo Theatre, New York on 14 October 2010. When the Welcome 2 America Tour began that December the event marked Prince’s first American tour in 6 years. This phase of the tour would eventually gross $20 million.

The latter stages of tour expanded to include two ‘residency’ stints in Chicago (three nights billed as Welcome 2 Chicago) and Inglewood (15 nights, although billed as 21 Nite Stand, the remaining shows never materialised). The tour became Welcome 2 Canada and marked Prince’s first shows in Canada for 11 years. It then moved to the European festival circuit (still under the moniker Welcome 2 America) and then to Australia when it was renamed Welcome 2 Australia. These tours were a greatest hits shows and not in promotion of any album.


John Blackwell
Any Allo
Morris Hayes
Renato Neto
Cassandra O'Neal
Bass Guitar
Ida Nielsen
Shelby Johnson
Marva King
Elisa Dease

Total dates played

Sample setlist

  1. Laydown
  2. The Beautiful Ones
  3. Uptown
  4. Raspberry Beret
  5. Cream
  6. Cool
  7. Let’s Work
  8. U Got The Look
  9. Shhh
  10. Nothing Compares 2 U
  11. She’s Always In My Hair
  12. If I Was Your Girlfriend
  13. Insatiable
  14. Adore
  15. Purple Rain
  16. Kiss
  17. Sometimes It Snows in April
  18. Diamonds And Pearls
  19. All The Critics Love U In New York
  20. Controversy
  21. Sexy Dancer
  22. Le Freak

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