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One Nite Alone… Tour (2002) One Nite Alone… Tour 2002

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One Nite Alone… Tour


For those of you who expected to get your Purple Rain on, you’re in the wrong house.

The One Nite Alone… Tour was a series of jazz inspired shows named after the One Nite Alone… album. The shows proved a surprise success considering the muted sales of both the One Nite Alone... and The Rainbow Children albums the tour was promoting and Prince’s recent stall in popularity. The tour was thereby played only in theatres, but it quickly sold out in result.

Prince allowed members of the NPG Music Club to attend its sound checks and have the opportunity to ask him questions directly and meet the band. Nightly, one audience member would be invited watch the performance while sat on a beanbag on the stage – it was a very relaxed environment, with lavender incense burners either side of the stage. The tour is fondly remembered as a fan favorite, because of its intimacy, casualness and sheer creative diversity, this is widely deemed as Prince’s benchmark tour. Furthermore, he played songs that were rarely performed previously. For these reasons the One Nite Alone… Tour was subsequently released as Prince’s first ever live album One Nite Alone… Live.

In which was likely intended as a winding down turn, perhaps farewell tour, the success of the tour instead reinvigorated Prince and give him new momentum. Following the Northern American stage of the tour, Prince played a series of concerts held at Paisley Park Studios called Xenophobia Celebration, which fans paid $250 to be able to attend all its shows throughout the week of 21 to 28 June 2002.

Prince | One Nite Alone Tour
Photography by Afshin Shahidi


John Blackwell
Renato Neto
Bass Guitar
Rhonda Smith
Greg Boyer
Alto Sax
Maceo Parker
Candy Dulfer
Eric Leeds

Total dates played

Sample setlist

  1. Rainbow Children
  2. Muse 2 The Pharaoh
  3. The Work, Part 1
  4. Xenophobia
  5. A Case Of U
  6. Mellow
  7. 1+1+1 Is 3
  8. Love Rollercoaster
  9. Whole Lotta Love
  10. The Ride
  11. The Other Side Of The Pillow
  12. Strange Relationship
  13. When U Were Mine
  14. Avalanche
  15. Family Name
  16. Pass The Peas
  17. Take Me With U
  18. Raspberry Beret
  19. The Everlasting Now
  20. One Nite Alone
  21. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  22. Do Me, Baby
  23. Condition Of The Heart
  24. Diamonds And Pearls
  25. The Beautiful Ones
  26. Nothing Compares 2 U
  27. Free
  28. Starfish And Coffee
  29. Sometimes It Snows In April
  30. I Love U, But I Don’t Trust U Anymore
  31. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
  32. Days Of Wild
  33. Peach
  34. Joy In Repetition
  35. Anna Stesia

Supporting albums

One Nite Alone…

One Nite Alone…

NPG Records

14 May 2002
US Chart Peak
Not charted
UK Chart Peak
Not charted
The Rainbow Children

The Rainbow Children

Redline Entertainment Inc.

20 November 2001
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
Not charted

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