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Bria Valente (real name Brenda Fuentes), a fellow Minnesotan, had known Prince since the early 1990s when introduced to him at Paisley Park by Morris Hayes when she was aged 17. Valente was a model and dancer for Usher and sung on his 2001 album, and after a chance meeting met Prince again in 2007 and lent her backing vocals to Mister Goodnight for his album Planet Earth and Song Of The Heart. She and Prince started dating, shortly after, and in 2007 produced a solo album for her, named Elixer (an intentional misspelling of ‘elixier’), in which she sings all lead vocals.

Prince co-wrote every song with her and solely wrote Kept Woman. The album was released on 29 March 2009 as part a triple CD set with LotusFlow3r and MPLSound exclusively through US store chain Target. The trio were earlier available as MP3 downloads from Prince’s official website lotusflow3r.com from 24 March, for one year, and the physical package peaked at number 2 on Billboard’s album chart. Valente’s relationship with Prince lasted approximately two years.


Prince and Bria Valente
NPG Records
NPG Records
11 years, 7 months ago on 24 March 2009
Running Time
US Chart Peak
2 (part of a 3-disk set with LotusFlow3r and MPLSound)
UK Chart Peak
No Release
Orig. Formats


  1. Here Eye Come (4:28)
  2. All This Love (4:39)
  3. Home (4:26)
  4. Something U Already Know (5:44)
  5. Everytime (3:50)
  6. 2nite (5:02) 1
  7. Another Boy (3:56) 1
  8. Kept Woman (4:15)
  9. Immersion (4:02)
  10. Elixer [duet with Prince] (4:00)

1 Released as singles.

Singles from Elixer

Another Boy single from Elixer, NPG Records (2008)

Another Boy

NPG Records

30 September 2008
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Another Boy (3:41)
2nite single from Elixer, Purple Music (2012)


Purple Music

23 February 2012
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. 2nite [Jamie Lewis Deep Session Mix] (7:32)
  2. nite [David Alexander Club Remix] (6:56)
  3. 2nite [Jamie Lewis Radio Mix] (3:36)
  4. 2nite [David Alexander Radio Mix] (5:28)
  5. 2nite [Jamie Lewis Deep Session Instrumental] (7:29)

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