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The Beautiful Experience (TV), TV broadcast (1994) The Beautiful Experience (TV) Paisley Park Pictures (1994)
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The Beautiful Experience (TV)

Paisley Park Pictures


The Beautiful Experience is a concert movie aired as a TV special, initially in the UK. The film runs for exactly 60 minutes and features 6 songs filmed from a longer 70-minute show Prince performed at Paisley Park on 13 February 1994. A storyline was added by studio shot segues featuring Nona Gaye. The premise is that she is home and lonely and finds a computer chat program which speaks to the NPG Operator. After paying $19.99, she watches a series of videos that boost her self confidence to find a partner after convincing her she is the most beautiful girl in the world. The movie also contains a version of Come not available elsewhere. Prince appears as Prince love symbol.

The movie first aired in the UK on Sky TV on 3 April 1994, and then on Channel 4 and French TV. Although this was a television special and never formally released to purchase, a low quality VHS version – simply a copy videotaped directly from Japanese TV – was later made available to buy via Prince’s 1-800-NEW-FUNK website. It was available in PAL and NTSC formats and contained in a plain white VHS slip case with a hole cut where a rather home made label is stuck; simply titled Prince love symbol The Beautiful Xperience.

In addition to the live concert footage are various studio-shot music videos, notably The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, and in some broadcasts the video for Beautiful was included after the closing credits. The premise is very futuristic considering it predates public use of the Internet: offering fans the ability to stream music videos via a paid software-based distribution service. Prince achieved that in reality with NPGonlineLTD.com in 2000.


Sonny Thompson
Morris Hayes
Tommy Barbarella
Nona Gaye
NPG Operator
Rain Ivana


  1. Intro (1:44)
  2. Interactive (2:27)
  3. Segue (0:32)
  4. Days of Wild (4:17)
  5. Segue (1:00)
  6. Come (3:16) 1
  7. Segue (0:15)
  8. Race (5:02) 1
  9. Instrumental Segue (0:29)
  10. Acknowledge Me (4:06) 1
  11. Segue (0:12)
  12. Pheromone (4:29) 1
  13. Segue (0:08)
  14. The Jam (5:12)
  15. Shhh (8:17)
  16. Segue (0:24)
  17. Loose! (3:22) 1
  18. Segue (0:07)
  19. Papa (2:45) 1
  20. Segue (1:12)
  21. The Most Beautiful Girl In the World (4:20) 1
  22. Segue (1:17)
  23. Now (4:22)
  24. End Credits (0:45)
  25. Beautiful (5:15) 1

1 Music video or non-concert performance.


3 April 1994
Running Time
Orig. Format

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