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Act II Tour


Being on tour is like being a travelling salesman; you got to show off what you got.

The Act II Tour was the European leg of Prince‘s preceding Act I Tour. This European leg showcased mainly his new songs1 that would later be included on Come and The Gold Experience, it focused more on his greatest hits. Unlike the more cautious Act I shows in the US, Act II Tour played 27 dates and much bigger venues, which included Prince’s first and only show at the legendary Wembley Stadium (31 July 1993).

Mayte began the shows being lowered onto the stage wearing Prince’s chain mask, as the opening song My Name Is Prince was being performed live with Prince out of sight, as she pulled off the mask Prince took to the stage. The European Act II tour was on a bigger scale than the US Act I, and was a highly successful production.

Due to high demand, Prince returned to London for the final date of the tour, and at the climax of that show ‘Prince’ was carried off stage feigning his death, for afterwards he would become The Artist Formally Known As Prince – the unpronounceable glyph naming also the album ( Prince love symbol) which the Act I Tour had supported.

Prince | Act II Tour
Photography by Jim Steele

The New Power Generation

Michael Bland
Rhythm Guitar
Levi Seacer Jr.
Morris Hayes
Tommy Barbarella
Bass Guitar
Sonny Thompson
Mike Nelson
Tenor Sax
Brian Gallagher
Baritone Sax
Kathy Jensen
Dave Jensen
Steve Strand
Mayte Garcia

Total dates played

  • 27 shows from 26 July to 7 September, 1993

Sample setlist

  1. My Name Is Prince
  2. Sexy MF
  3. Love 2 The 9’s
  4. The Beautiful Ones
  5. Let’s Go Crazy
  6. Kiss
  7. Irresistible Bitch
  8. She’s Always In My Hair
  9. Raspberry Beret
  10. Sometimes It Snows In April
  11. The Cross
  12. Sign O’ The Times
  13. Purple Rain
  14. Thunder
  15. When Doves Cry
  16. And God Created Woman
  17. Little Red Corvette
  18. Strollin’
  19. Scandalous!
  20. Girls & Boys
  21. 7
  22. 1999
  23. Baby I’m A Star
  24. America
  25. Come1
  26. Endorphinemachine1
  27. Peach
  28. Johnny
  29. Dark1
  30. Race1

Supporting albums



Warner Bros. Records

15 August 1994
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
Love Symbol Album

Love Symbol Album

Warner Bros. Records

5 October 1992
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak

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