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The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over!, NPG Records (2002) The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over! © 2002, NPG Records
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The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over!

NPG Records

If you can describe it it ain’t funky.

Released as Prince And The New Power Generation and available only as the companion CD to the One Nite Alone… Live boxset. One Nite Alone… The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over! comprises of live recordings from three aftershows played during the 2002 One Nite Alone… Tour. These aftershows were: New York City, 9 April; LA, 20 April; and Portland 30 April 2002. The main two disk set from which this companion CD accompanies forms recordings taken from the main shows in the US leg.

This is Prince’s second only official recording of an aftershow since Warner Brothers VHS Sacrifice Of Victor that was released in 1995. The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over! contains three non-Prince songs: a medley by Musiq Soulchild who made a guest appearance at the 10 April 2002 aftershow who sung and also wrote Just Friends (Sunny); and the cover of Sly & The Family Stone’s 1973 song If You Want Me To Stay. George Clinton sings We Do This, of which was recorded during the same show.


John Blackwell
Renato Neto
Bass Guitar
Rhonda Smith
Larry Graham
Greg Boyer
Alto Sax
Maceo Parker
Candy Dulfer


NPG Records
NPG Records
Ashfin Shahidi and Sam Jennings
18 years, 4 months ago on 24 November 2002
29 May 2020 as Up All Nite With Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection
Running Time
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  1. Joy In Repetition (10:55)
  2. We Do This [sung by George Clinton] (4:41) 1
  3. Just Friends (Sunny) / If You Want Me To Stay [sung by Musiq Soulchild] (4:26) 2 & 3
  4. 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton (6:14)
  5. Alphabet St. (2:54)
  6. Peach [Xtended Jam] (11:18)
  7. Dorothy Parker (6:16)
  8. Girls & Boys (6:59)
  9. The Everlasting Now [Vamp] (1:49)

1 Written by George Clinton.
2 Written by Ivan Barias and Carvin Haggins.
3 Written by Sylvester Stewart.

Singles from The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over!

The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over! produced no singles.

The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over! – review

It Ain’t Over is a refreshing album. Not because of the fact it is Prince’s second live album and released right on the back of One Nite Alone… Live, it is a series of recordings of his famous aftershows. Taken during those of the One Nite Alone… Tour the album is more successful capturing the atmosphere of the intimate shows than the double album recording of the main concerts. The club vibe is throughout and most notably with Alphabet St., converted into a jam as is Peach, but the moody Joy In Repetition is the real gem. The out of place inclusion of the Musiq Soulchild medley, however, should have been reconsidered in favour of others better suited here, however George Clinton’s We Do This maintains the familiar Prince spirit and aftershow groove. The smooth Dorothy Parker both oozing class and Las Vegas lounge lifts The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over slightly above its main companion album – confirming a formula that was later repeated with Indigo Nights.

The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over!

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