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Prince Live! The Sacrifice Of Victor, VHS (1995) Prince Live! The Sacrifice Of Victor Warner Music Vision (1995)
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Prince Live! The Sacrifice Of Victor

Warner Music Vision

The early hours of September the 8th 1993 marked a low ebb in Prince’s relationship with his fan club; it was also the first time one of his legendary after show performances was captured on film. It was the final night of the Act II Tour, during which Prince ‘sacrificed’ his former self onstage and his corpse carried off by band members. The act signified Prince burying his birth name and with it his past and to be known henceforth as the unpronounceable Prince love symbol, for this was during what was the beginning of a long dispute between Prince and his record label Warner Brothers over the ownership of his music.

Prince chose Bagley’s Warehouse as the venue to host the after show concert with which to close the tour. Bagley’s (a rave venue later renamed Canvas) was London’s largest nightclub and occupied a former warehouse building in the heart of derelict railway grounds of King’s Cross, then a very notorious area of London. Fans, many of them teenage girls, trooped through the dark surrounding streets to await Prince at the venue. He did not arrive until the early hours and finished the show at around 3:30am, at which time the fans had little means of getting home. The nightclub was also particularly overcrowded and, coupled with the lateness of the show, the remoteness of the venue, and confusion over ticketing, the atmosphere at the show was strained from the outset. The experience would trigger the thawing of Prince’s relationship with the editor of his official fanzine Controversy, who under the very difficult circumstances helped fans get home after the show. The show itself saw 20 songs filmed, of which 9 were televised on 22 January 1994 and released by Warner Brothers on the VHS Prince Live! The Sacrifice Of Victor, on 6 March 1995: the same day as Prince: The Undertaker.


Michael Bland
Rhythm Guitar
Levi Seacer Jr.
Morris Hayes
Tommy Barbarella
Bass Guitar
Sonny Thompson
Mayte Garcia
Mike Nelson
Tenor Sax
Brian Gallagher
Baritone Sax
Kathy Jensen
Dave Jensen
Steve Strand


  1. The Ride (10:32)
  2. The Undertaker (6:56)
  3. Jailhouse Rock (1:41) 1
  4. House In Order (5:56) 2
  5. Call The Law (4:53)
  6. Heart In My Hand / Power Of Love (5:14) 3
  7. In The Mood (2:00) 4
  8. Peach (5:42)
  9. Soldier In The Army Of The Lord [feat. The Steeles] (2:00) 5

1 Written by Jerome Leiber and Mike Stoller.
2 Written by Mavis Staples.
3 Written by The Steeles (as Heart In My Hand and Love (Got A Hold On Me))
4 Written by Wingy Manone, Andy Razaf and Joe Garland.
5 Not listed on back cover. Written by Lyle Lovett.


Paris Patton
6 March 1995
Running Time
46 minutes
Orig. Format

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