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thedawn.com was launched on Valentine’s Day, 1996 and is Prince’s first website. It launched with the eight-page wedding program, called Coincidence or fate? to mark the marriage of Prince and Mayte that day.

The website was later expanded to feature a chat room and offered sound and video samples of Prince’s latest and archive songs and footage. All music content was streamed; no downloadable content was available from this website.

thedawn.com sold merchandise through one of the internet’s earliest online stores. Called Galleria, this sold jewellery and apparel, and whilst it also sold CDs both by Prince and other artists, one of them were not already available elsewhere and previously released.

The website later took on the function to serve as a mouthpiece to voice Prince’s side of the commentary in his embittered dispute with Warner Brothers, which had reached it height thought the span of this website’s life. The website was live at the time of the release of Emancipation, Prince’s first album released under a different mainstream record lable that was not Warner. thedawn.com remained Prince’s main website until May 1997, when replaced by love4oneanother.com.

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