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NPG Records

Prince: For You
Prince Fans United

F.U.N.K. was first released to iTunes on 8 November 2007, then as an MP3 on 3121.com on the 20th of that month, as well as simultaneously streamed from a website set up by Prince, named princefamsunited.com.

F.U.N.K is a ‘response track’ by Prince, to the group Prince Fans United (PFUnk) setup in protest against Prince’s claims that a number of fan-run forum websites had breached his copyright on their message boards. The matter was eventually dropped.

Don’t you ever mess with me no more.

Considered superior than his work of recent years, the song is reminiscent of Prince’s 80s funk and is considered by many as one of the best tracks of his post Warner Brothers career.



NPG Records
NPG Records
12 years, 0 months ago, on 8 November 2007
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Track list

  1. F.U.N.K. (7:35)

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