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A Colonized Mind

Being his 30th year in the business, for Prince 2008 was a rather mooted affair, spending it cooking up another project, a so far unnamed release for 2009 from which 4 tracks have be aired on radio in what promises to be his most critically acclaimed outing since Sign O’ the Times. Maybe.

New Album for new year

In a rare treat after being “summoned” to meet with the purple legend himself, LA radio station Indie 103 were allowed to premier 4 songs from Prince’s currently unnamed, and completed, brand new album

Purple Rain voted best album of last 25 years

In a special countdown conducted for the 1,000 issue of Entertainment Weekly’s magazine, have crowned Purple Rain the number 1 spot on their list, New Classics, listing their 100 best albums of the past 25 years (1983-2008).

Croke Park gig cancelled

Due to “unknown” reasons beyond Prince’s and the promoters control, his stadium show planned to take place in Dublin’s Croke Park Stadium on 16 June 2008 was cancelled due to contractual issues.

Prince to headline Coachella

After warming up the band at a VIP only party at his Hollywood mansion on 6 April, Prince headed down the road on April 26 to Coachella to headline the Coachella Festival.

7th Heaven – Prince wins 7th Grammy

Prince added a 7th Grammy Award to his trophy cabinet on 10 February for winning Best Male R&B Vocal Performance with Future Baby Mamma.