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Groovy Potential

Although a latecomer to the party, Prince has really gotten into social media of late, with @3rdeyegirl. Tantalising fans with all manner of exciting prospects of new songs, live streams from Paisley Park

Prince presents … only a tasting at NYC City Winery

To great excitement a six show NPG residency at the City Winery, 155 Warwick Street, was announced for the 21st (two shows, 7 and midnight) 22nd (a further 2 shows) and 23rd and 25th August (midnight only shows) with singers Shelby J. and Liv Warfield

Prince arrives on Twitter

As soon as you think you have seen it all, Prince pulls something out of the blue again. For a guy who apparently does not own a mobile phone, on 14 August he has just discovered his Twitter account!