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1999: The New Master

NPG Records

If you know the truth, pass it on.

1999: The New Master features vocals from Prince, Larry Graham, Rosie Gaines and rapper Doug E. Fresh, and comprises of six re-recorded versions of the hit song 1999 issued to mark the turning of the year 1999.

Prince recorded 1999: The New Master under his own label in a counter release to Warner Brothers’ own reissue of the original version the previous year. Due to his contract with his former label Warner Brothers, Prince was unable to re-release this material unless he produced a new master recording and with different creative input. Confusingly this release is credited to Prince and the Revolution despite the original not written by nor featuring any member of the Revolution (albeit the band has a mention on the artwork of the original album of the same name), and is most likely because at the time of this release Prince was known as Prince love symbol and had leveraged his birth name and the legacy of Revolution to market his product.


The Artist Formally Known As Prince
NPG Records
NPG Records
20 years ago, on 2 February 1999
Running Time
US Chart Peak
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Track list

  1. 1999 (The New Master) (7:09)
  2. Rosario (1999) [feat. Rosario Dawson] (1:19)
  3. 1999 [The Inevitable Mix] (5:46)
  4. 1999 [Keepsteppin] (4:39)
  5. 1999 [Rosie, Doug.E In A Deep House] (6:23)
  6. 1999 [Single Edit] (4:30)
  7. 1999 [Acapella] (5:11)

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