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Times Squared

Warner Bros. Records

Much of the material for this album was recorded between 1985 and 1988 and intended for release as 24, the third album of Prince’s spin-off jazz band Madhouse. But at Prince’s request the project evolved instead into Times Squared, a solo album for Eric Leeds. The Madhouse songs were consequently renamed, of which Prince either wrote1 or co-wrote every song on the album (with the exception of Kenya, and Lines2 – a late addition). Prince plays the drums on most of the songs also.

Prince first met Eric in 1984, introduced by his brother, Alan who was Prince’s tour manager since 1983. Prince immediately recruited Eric, a maestro saxophonist, for his new project The Family plus in 1985 joined Prince as a member of the Revolution for the Purple Rain Tour. His last project with Prince was the N.E.W.S. album of 2003.


Prince and Eric Leeds
Paisley Park Records
Warner Bros. Records
29 years, 3 months ago on 19 February 1991
Running Time
US Chart Peak
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  1. Lines (6:30) 2
  2. Andorra (3:31)
  3. Night Owl (4:00)
  4. Overnight, Every Night (4:10)
  5. Cape Horn (4:10) 1
  6. Little Rock (3:41)
  7. Easy Does It (2:22)
  8. The Dopamine Rush (7:36) 1
  9. Kenya (2:40) 2
  10. Times Squared (5:44)
  11. Once Upon A Time (7:19)

1 Written by Prince.
2 Written by Eric Leeds.

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