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Minneapolis Genius, Hot Pink (1986) Minneapolis Genius © 1986, Hot Pink
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Minneapolis Genius

Hot Pink

I was born here, unfortunately.

Pepé Willie was mentor to Prince before the budding star signed his record deal with Warner Bros. Records. Willie was an influence on Prince’s high school band Grand Central, and is husband of Prince’s first cousin, Shauntel Manderville. He gave Prince and Andre Cymone their first job, as a session musicians for his band, 94 East (so named after the nearby Interstate 94).

These studio sessions were recorded between 1976 to 1979, with Prince performing on every track. The recordings have been repeatedly re-released under several packages and configurations long after Prince had become famous: Minneapolis Genius (1992), Symbolic Beginning (1995), The Legends Collection (1999), 94 East Featuring Prince (2000), One Man Jam (2000), and lastly If You Feel Like Dancin’ (2002). Prince wrote one track, Just Another Sucker1, which appears on the compilation.

94 East

Pepé Willie
Bass Guitar
André Cymone


Pepé Willie and Tony Silvester
Hot Pink
Hot Pink
34 years, 11 months ago on 12 February 1986
Running Time
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
Orig. Formats


  1. If You Feel Like Dancin' (7:11)
  2. Lovin' Cup (4:21)
  3. Games (5:01)
  4. Just Another Sucker (5:21) 1
  5. Dance To The Music Of The World (5:09)
  6. One Man Jam (6:17)

1 Co-written by Prince and Pepé Willie.

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