Prince’s Musicology tour, the most successful shows in North America this year, finally wrapped its current run on 11 September. Whether the choice to make September 11 the date for the final show was merely by coincidence or not, the 90-date tour has amassed Prince somewhat in the region of $100 in ticket sales alone. But it leave no one surprised that Prince and the band are now happy to take a much needed break. So questions are now being raised what will come next, be it how long the break will last, will he continue playing North American venues or move the tour to other countries, or more worryingly has the tour simply finished?

With the release of the Purple Rain Special Edition; which includes Graffiti Bridge and the godforsaken Under the Cherry Moon coming to DVD in Europe on 18 October, it seems a prime moment for Prince to just announce dates in Europe even if the shows may not take place until February. Also, not forgetting the album the tour promotes, Musicology, was released back in April and has long left the charts in Europe. Including the cost of the album in the price of the ticket (it does not mean the album is free) which is what he did for the US leg may not make this package too appealing to overseas fans who were unwilling to wait for their “giveaway” copy and bought in the shops anyway. Therefore I support any suggestion in not including this CD in the admission price for that exact reason, why force everyone to pay an extra $10 for a CD they already own. It all heightens the stakes for the show becoming a hit the scale of what he experienced in North America. The fact remains that his tickets should sell well overseas anyway, especially in Australia and Europe, even if he performs in 2005 because the performance will be a spectacle to behold. But now is the time for Prince to keep that ball rolling and just announce those dates, he will sell tickets to the already converted, but if he wants to attract the masses again overseas he will have to act soon. Prince has re-vitalised his career (weather he will admit that or not) but his global success still remains to be seen. This is his opportunity and the time to strike is now. The world cant wait – too long, or next time he performing at the theatres – again.

Goldies Parade

Goldies Parade is a lifelong Prince fan who founded this website in 1998 to serve the fan community with a resource for Prince news, releases and tour info, and to curate the extensive discography of this much copied but unequalled music icon.