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Under The Cherry Moon

Warner Bros. Pictures

I was brought up in a black-and-white world

Filmed entirely in black and white and set in the 1940s French Riviera Under The Cherry Moon was a romantic comedy premiered at the Centennial Theatre in Sheridan on 1 July 1986. It went on to open at 1,000 theatres across the US but only managed to yield $3.2 million in its first weekend ($10m ultimately).

The movie features Steven Berkoff (the lead villain in Beverly Hills Cop) and provided the first ever movie role for Kristin Scott Thomas. Prince plays the lead character, a gigolo named Christopher Tracy. Under The Cherry Moon was branded pretentious and one-dimensional, and was troubled from the outset; the director Mary Lambert walking off set citing creative differences found Prince take the reigns as director. The film is textbook vanity project, however Parade soundtrack is its saving grace and regarded as an iconic album of the 1980s. The movie was released on VHS on 12 November 1986 and reissued in DVD format on 24 August 2004 and in Blu-Ray on 17 October 2016.


His Purple Rain took the movie and music worlds by storm. Now Prince stars – and makes his directional debut – in his lavishly playful second film Under The Cherry Moon. He plays an American musician living with his pal (Jerome Benton) on the French Riviera and on the bank accounts of bored divorcees. The nest object of his affection is a lovely and spirited young heiress (Kirsten Scott Thomas in her movie debut). He doesn’t count on confronting the girl’s engaged father (Steven Berkoff). And he certainly doesn’t count on falling in love. But with Prince in charge, you can definitely count on exciting music, shimmering costume and production design and style to burn.

The DVD special features include the music videos:

  1. Anotherloverholenyohead
  2. Girls & Boys
  3. Kiss
  4. Mountains


Mary Lambert & Prince
2 July 1986
17 October 2016 as Prince Movie Collection
Running Time
96 minutes
Orig. Format

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