After an incredible run in the US, as the months now pass it seems now school is out for Musicology. Realising that leaving it too long to move his commercial momentum over to Europe Prince settles down to bask in his glory in his new home ‘3121’ high up in the Hollywood hills and entertaining only guests from the numerous award ceremonies in Los Angeles; and why not. Could it mean that Prince is instead working on something new that may lead to a new album/tour later in 2005. Thankfully, if his new as yet unreleased single ‘Satisfied’ (which sounds like Musicology‘s On The Coach) is anything to go the new album may not after all be the acoustic album he once touted but something continuing to be commercial. Unreleased is the operative word here as yet the distribution deal with Columbia was only for Musicology, but as Musicology turned out to be so successful, a second signing with Columbia should not to be ruled out. However nor will Prince find it difficult to find an alternative distributor, he seems content working his way through all the labels there are, and why not. Possibly intent in not making Musicology his Purple Rain of the 2000’s, Prince would indeed be right if he has chosen to postpone any plans for an acoustic album, perhaps he is hoping to keep by giving his prospective record label something safer to sell – like Commercialology – and prove to the world that his recent success was not a blip nor because of a resurgence in 80’s performers. Personally I hope Prince continues with his radio-friendly output, so lets hope Prince does not miss an opportunity here to keep the fire burning, show us the way, we’re all waiting for you.

Goldies Parade

Goldies Parade is a lifelong Prince fan who founded this website in 1998 to serve the fan community with a resource for Prince news, releases and tour info, and to curate the extensive discography of this much copied but unequalled music icon.