The wake of Prince’s death on 21 April has seen a surge in interest of Prince’s back catalogue, returning fourteen albums to the UK charts and eleven in Billboard’s Top 100.  Warner Brother’s The Very Best Of, originally released in 2001, landed both the number one and two spots in the US and UK respectively. The album had previously reached only 66 on Billboard’s chart, but landed the same spot in the UK’s chart in 2001. Prince’s other two greatest hits releases (2006’s Ultimate and 1993’s The Hit’s/The B-Sides) also made a strong reentry in the charts this Friday. Dirty Mind, however, made its chart debut in the UK, reaching number 61, having failing to enter the chart when originally released in 1980.

The singles charts also see the return of Prince’s most memorable hit singles, both the UK and US recording the same six in their charts this week. Purple Rain being his best performing album, seeing three songs enter in each the US and UK charts.

We will turn Paisley Park into a museum in Prince’s memory.

Prince’s estate is to be managed by the trust company Bremer Trust, since no last will and testament has been filed by the family as it is understood Prince was reluctant to create one. Under Minnesota law his estate will pass to his sister Tyka Nelson as well as to any of his half brothers and sisters. The door to his Paisley Park vault was drilled open this week too in the attempt to locate a will. The vault also contains thousands of recordings of unreleased songs. The future of these remain uncertain, however, due to their commercial interest Prince’s former band members have expressed an interest to produce and curate the work for future release. Paisley Park itself if likely to be turned into a museum, Tyka’s husband, Maurice Phillips, announced two days ago. Just like Elvis’ Graceland it is expected to become a pilgrimage site for fans.

Album charts, 21 April

Billboard Top 100 (US) Official Top 100 (UK)
1 The Very Best Of Prince
2 The Very Best Of Prince
2 Purple Rain 3 Ultimate
7 The Hits/The B-Sides 4 Purple Rain
15 1999 13 The Hits/The B-Sides
24 Ultimate 15 Sign O’ The Times
39 Sign O’ The Times 28 1999
66 HITNRUN Phase One 41 Parade
68 Prince 47 Around The World In A Day
80 Dirty Mind 50 HITNRUN Phase One
83 Controversy 51 Diamonds And Pearls
87 Around The World In A Day 61 Dirty Mind
75 Lovesexy
92 Batman
94 Art Official Age

Singles charts, 21 April

Billboard Top 100 (US) Official Top 100 (UK)
7 Purple Rain 6 Purple Rain
20 When Doves Cry 26 When Doves Cry
28 Kiss 38 Kiss
29 Little Red Corvette 47 Raspberry Beret
39 Let’s Go Crazy 49 1999
41 1999 70 Little Red Corvette
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