The promotion for the 3rd Eye Girl project is set to kick off with an appearance and performance on the Jimmy Fallon show on 1 March. Expanding now into a US tour called Live Out Loud, Prince is also set for a to return to the European festival circuit. He will be playing all three nights at the Montreux Jazz Festival from 13th to 15 July at the Auditorium Stravinsky, Montreux, Switzerland. Then in August headlining the Stockholm Music & Arts Festival on the 4th, and on the 7th the Skanderborg Festival in Denmark. There is not confirmation yet if this will evolve into a full scale 3rd Eye Girl European tour also, but it is doubtless the project is developing. If it is, or there are any new dates to mention they will be shared with you right here.

Speaking of 3rd Eye Girl, the website has a new song out for download, Live Out Loud, the title of the new tour, plus a demo called Boyfriend. Stay tuned for more details and dates of the 3rd Eye Girl tour, Live Out Loud.

Goldies Parade

Goldies Parade is a lifelong Prince fan who founded this website in 1998 to serve the fan community with a resource for Prince news, releases and tour info, and to curate the extensive discography of this much copied but unequalled music icon.

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