If you take a look in the Guinness Book of Records Prince has had more name more times than any other entertainer. Now he has gone full circle. At the LA Sports Club in Manhattan he announced to a packed press conference that he would revert his to his birth name Prince.

New Years Eve 1999 was the last day in his last remaining contract through Warner Brothers, a publishing arrangement with Warner-Chappell Music. Prince originally signed that contract, worth $100m, in 1992. The restrictive terms in the contract caused his relationship with Warner to break down, and eventually bringing Prince to change his name to Prince love symbol in 1993 and writing Slave across his face until the contract expired in 1996. Upon its expiration he released a triple album Emancipation through rival label EMI – Warner still own his material recorded during his days when he was called Prince. The glyph remained and became his trademark for free music. In 1998 Warner released the album The Vault… Old Friends 4 Sale consisting of previously unreleased material of material owned by them under the contact. In the credits of his 1999 album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic the Producer was listed as Prince. Now that the “name” Prince is now no longer covered by contract with Warner, he cast aside the glyph (which, in recent years, has bought him more press coverage than his music) and reverted to his birth name, Prince Rogers Nelson. Welcome back, Prince.

Goldies Parade

Goldies Parade is a lifelong Prince fan who founded this website in 1998 to serve the fan community with a resource for Prince news, releases and tour info, and to curate the extensive discography of this much copied but unequalled music icon.

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