The Prince Estate will not renew Graceland’s contract after 1 October expiry. Best known for managing Elvis Presley’s Memphis home, Graceland Holdings will no longer be running Paisley Park after their contract with The Prince Estate expires on 1 October 2019.  Graceland has been looking after Prince’s iconic Minnesota complex since 6 October 2016 but the star’s siblings want their say in managing Paisley Park, and wish for the estate to manage the attraction.

Whilst it is understood The Prince Estate has been on the brink of bankruptcy over recent months, the family insist the decision not to renew its contract with Graceland Holdings does not have any motive from financial pressures or at Graceland’s management of Paisley Park and its tours. Yet due to disagreements among Prince’s legal heirs, the estate’s administrator Comercia Trust will continue in an arbitration capacity and have the final say in decisions. Formally six, the siblings now number five due to the death of Alfred Jackson, Prince’s half-brother, on 29 August, aged 66. Jackson was son of Mattie Baker, Prince’s mother, who she gave birth to in a previous relationship to John L. Nelson, Prince’s natural father. The five surviving siblings are Omarr Baker from Mattie’s side, and Sharon, Norinne and John R. Nelson whom are fathered by John L. Nelson outside his marriage to Mattie. The fifth, Tyka Nelson, is Prince’s only full sister.

Whilst Prince was alive, he himself drew up a surprisingly detailed plans to turn his studio complex into a part-time museum, intended both during and after his lifetime. Kirk Johnson, Prince’s long-time friend and former band mate, is to remain Paisley Park’s estate manager to ensure the attraction’s future evolution follows Prince’s vision.

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