Forbes Magazine has ranked Prince as the 8th most powerful musician for 2004. The list is based on concert ticket sales, earnings, web hits and media coverage. Although after taking home $56.5m from the double platinum selling Musicology album and from the 1.47m tickets sold on his sell out 96-show Mu$icology Tour makes him the second highest earning performer in 2004 behind Madonna’s $50. Prince actually took more than Madonna during the calendar year, but The Forbes list runs from mid 2004 to mid 2005 therefore they only include $49.7m of his earnings, factually Prince was the highest earning entertainer of 2004. With his media coverage, Forbes list him in 8th position. The top ten most powerful musicians, according to Forbes, are: 1, Madonna; 2, Elton John; 3, P.Diddy; 4, Metalica; 5, Shaina Twain; 6, Rod Stewart; 7, Bette Midler; 8, Prince; 9, The Eagles and; 10, Van Halen.

June has been a good month for Prince as news of the Forbes announcement comes on the back of Spin Magazine’s listing of the greatest albums of the last 20 years; Sign O’ The Times is ranked eighth.

Goldies Parade

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