Its finally sinking into Prince and his purple followers he is a star, for the first time to his more recent followers but for those under eighteen, but it may surprise them to hear Prince was also fairly well known long before they were even an itch in their daddy’s boxers. Though lets face it, we’re all still pretty shocked about the commercial success of the Musicology tour and album. Long time fans and critics, even Prince himself cant believe his return to mega stardom, in fact Prince and his True Funk Soldiers seem to be winning the war in getting the public educated in real music. Nice to hear in an age which is so full of so called “bands” that are no more than a product with a tiny shelf life than a collection of musicians. That’s Prince’s war you see, musicianship and live music is dying.

Since 1993 the odds of Prince being taken seriously could only improve, and finally he comes up with a new crusade, Musicology, a message that people are actually relating too. Lets face it, its the album included in the price of the concert admission that is keeping Musicology in the top 10, his success is down to the fact its finally sunk into people if they stopped poking fun at him and his name changes and actually listen to the music, they would realise that Prince was not the so called fool as the press wanted to portray him, the public were the fools, because they now appreciate listening to the best live act of our era. Prince is relishing in his reclaimed limelight, his new found success is just as a shock to him as it is to his long time fans, but why did he not think of this sooner?

He knew perfectly well he could write a commercial album at the drop of a hat, but he chose to stay artistic and keep in the comfort zone of his loyal fans by giving the music they want. Anyone, especially Prince, could see that making a commercial comeback after losing Warner Bros. was more unlikely than Bush inviting Saddam to his home for a Christmas tipple, but Prince simply plucked up the courage and writing that long awaited accessible album. He had nothing to lose, if the album was not a commercial success, his many internet fan club members would have snapped it up as a $7 download, but that would make Musicology fizzle, and it deserved more than that, and in steps Columbia, the Grammys and two very timely anniversaries. People wanted to like his music but by selling directly to only to the already converted internet fan base needing no promotion at all, Prince was happy with just having a nice and steady income flowing in to supplement his royalties for his retirement purely he knew deep down the days of the arena tours and platinum album sales were long gone and boy were we all wrong. Prince’s follow up album will be his most important if he wants to stay in the game. The direction Prince will take in the future is completely unknown, who knows how it will turn out for him or us, were all intrigued, so my message to Prince is this, if you had a chance to see the future wont you try? Because if you will, so will I. Otherwise we shall just have to wait and see, but I somehow do not think we have any need to worry.

Goldies Parade

Goldies Parade is a lifelong Prince fan who founded this website in 1998 to serve the fan community with a resource for Prince news, releases and tour info, and to curate the extensive discography of this much copied but unequalled music icon.