Prince made his appearance at the Super Bowl half time slot on the 4th of February in Miami. Playing a medley of five songs he only performed three of his own hits, all of which from the Purple Rain album.

He started with Let’s Go Crazy, part of Baby I’m A Star, then into the covers of Rolling On A River, and The Foo Fighters’ The Best Of You, before calling time on the stonking 15-minute show with Purple Rain, being rather ironic as it was actually raining at the time.

In typical Super Bowl fashion a little bit of innuendo sneaked into the halftime show. Whether intended or not, Janet Jackson can vouch for that one, when Prince appear behind a huge curtain with a huge silhouette of him playing the guitar beamed on it hit guitar was positioned, somewhat rather suggestively. After all he sure does love his Guitar!

Goldies Parade

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