To great excitement a six show NPG residency at the City Winery, 155 Warwick Street, was announced for the 21st (two shows, 7 and midnight) 22nd (a further 2 shows) and 23rd and 25th August (midnight only shows) with singers Shelby J. and Liv Warfield accompanied by the NPG Hornz. But wait, what about Prince? The announcement, which coincided with Prince & 3rd Eye Girl’s appearance at the Stockholm Music & Arts Festival, continued with the tantalising prospect of “special guests”. Or should we hope “special guest”, because with the promise of a ‘HOT mic’ at the ready for each night, only one of these will actually be attended by Prince himself. At $75 and up to $350, tickets are certainly a princely fee for shows which offer no guarantee the man himself will attend. So with a one in six chance of our purple hero showing up, will the fans be tempted to part with their cash – these are straightened times you know.

With no doubt a lot of pressure on Shelby and Liv to put on the show of their lives to atone for the five shows Prince does not choose to attend, the entry fees might well be forgiven by the concert-goer’s on the night Prince feels like to party. Tickets (just 500 per show) on sale 8 August, for One Nite Alone…, that is Only… with Prince show.


Prince and 3rdEyeGirl, fresh from their European shows and a recording stint in London, flew back to NYC and performed a 90 minute set after the 55 minute regular show, at 1:30am on 23 August and then on the 26th Prince performed with Liv and Shelby for their entire 145 min. show.

Goldies Parade

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