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Prince deletes @3RDEYEGIRL Twitter account

In what lasted little more than a year with Prince at the helm of his first Twitter account @3RDEYEGIRL, which became the mouthpiece for all Prince’s announcements, both @3RDEYEGIRL and @NPGOFFICIAL as well as his Facebook and Instagram pages have been closed down all of a sudden

NPG Music Publishing to oversee Prince’s music legacy

Prince has created his own in-house publishing arm for his music legacy. Formally managed by Universal Prince has created NPG Music Publishing to independently administer key songs from Prince’s huge back catalogue

Prince arrives on Twitter

As soon as you think you have seen it all, Prince pulls something out of the blue again. For a guy who apparently does not own a mobile phone, on 14 August he has just discovered his Twitter account!

Prince’s smell of success at Macy’s

On or around the 7th of July (7/7/07), the same day his perfume “3121” gets its unveiling at Macy’s in Minneapolis, Prince will be in store to launch the perfume and maybe giving out make-up tips.

The Versace Experience (Mk II)

Prince provides the music in person for Donatella Versace’s fashion collection showing in Milan on 29th September.

Prince and Manuela divorce

Reports in the media have announced that Prince and Manuela had filed for divorce on the 24th of May. Manuela Testolini and Prince got secretly married on New Year’s Eve 2001.

Legal row closes NPG Music Club

After pushing the boundaries of his online music club, it seems like winning the Webby Award for the best online music site was too much for Prince and has put the club “in hiatus” because, he says, it has gone as far as it can possibly go in its current form.