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News relating to Prince’s death on 21 April 2016.

Estate bid to put Prince’s music online ahead of Grammys

In what is seen as a precursor to getting Prince’s vast music catalogue put back onto streaming services, such as Spotify and iTunes, took a step closer as a licensing deal is signed between Bremer Trust (the company managing the late musician’s estate) and Global Music Rights.

Paisley Park becomes a museum

Paisley Park Studios, Prince’s home since 1985, which opened its doors to tourists on 6 October, was forced shut following concerns by Chanhassen City Council for public safety from the increased traffic and pedestrians around the property, 7801 Audubon Road.

Paisley Park open to public tours from 6 October

The firm behind Graceland, the former Memphis home of Elvis Presley, is to do likewise with Paisley Park, which is set to open its doors for self-guided and guided from 6 October.

Prince storms UK and US charts

The wake of Prince’s death on 21 April has seen a surge in interest of Prince’s back catalogue, returning fourteen albums to the UK charts and eleven in Billboard’s Top 100.

A Case of flU

A bout of flu on 7 April saw Prince cancelling his two shows for the Piano & A Microphone tour scheduled at Altanta’s Fox Theatre on the day they were due to take place.