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Carmen Electra, Warner Bros. Records (1993)

Carmen Electra © 1993, Warner Bros. Records

May 19, 1992

Carmen Electra

The Voice

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Carmen Electra

Warner Bros. Records

You look like a Carmen

Carmen (Tara Leigh Patrick), a dancer, met Prince in March 1991 when aged 18 was introduced to him by mutual acquaintance Robin Power.

Power, who had appeared in the movie Graffiti Bridge was primed to lead an all-female rap group Prince tasked her to assemble in 1990. Having watched Tara perform at an LA nightclub, Prince signed her to his label Paisley Park Records and embarked her on a singing career (in replacement of Power), coining her the stage name Carmen Electra (the name Electra first appearing in Prince’s lyrics to The Ladder in 1985), which stuck ever since. For this, Carmen’s first and only studio album, Prince co-wrote most of the songs, with New Power Generation members Tony M and Levi Seacer Jr writing the remaining tracks. Prince plays most of the instruments, recording his parts at Paisley Park Studios, with Carmen laying down vocals between there and at Record Plant studios in LA. Carmen Electra was mixed by Keith “KC” Cohen at Larrabee Sound Studios in North Hollywood.

The song Judy Good Girlfriend was originally intended for Prince’s aborted album Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic of 1989. British rap sensation Monie Love co-wrote lyrics for two tracks on the album; Step To The Mic and All That the latter sampling Prince’s 1987 Adore. In all, Prince wrote or co-wrote seven of the LP’s tracks. Tony M wrote the balance of the raps, although he himself was dropped from the NPG in 1993. The track Carmen On Top was originally created for Robin Power in 1991, retitled from Robin On Top.

Carmen Electra was intended to be released during the Diamonds And Pearls Tour (April to July 1992), its initial shows featured Carmen as the support act. Having cold feet, Warner slipped the LP’s release six months to February 1993, quite some time after the tour finished and thereby unable to gain proper market traction. Costing $1 million to promote Carmen Electra, it started a rift between Prince and Warner Brothers, both blaming the other for its failure.

She and Prince dated for a while, but things soured when Carmen left the Diamonds And Pearls Tour over payment concerns which saw her band replaced by members of the NPG for a handful of nights before her act was pulled from the bill completely midway through the tour’s run in London. Carmen returned to LA to pursue a career in acting, ultimately joining the cast of Baywatch in 1997. Carmen continued to dance for Prince at his Glam Glam nightclub in LA, taking the lead role in his 1993 Glam Slam Ulysses dance shows that summer. Prince’s song Eye Hate U recalls the break-up of their relationship. He was just starting to court Mayte Garcia at this time who he married in 1996.

Carmen Electra | Paisley Park Records
Photography by Randee St. Nicholas


Carmen Electra
All instr.
Levi Seacer Jr. Step To The Mic, Everybody Get On Up, and Just A Little Lovin’
Michael B Step To The Mic, Everybody Get On Up and Just A Little Lovin’
Bass Guitar
Sonny T Step To The Mic, Everybody Get On Up and Just A Little Lovin’
Tommy Barbarella Step To The Mic, Everybody Get On Up and Just A Little Lovin’
Rosie Gaines Step To The Mic, Everybody Get On Up and Just A Little Lovin’
William Graves Everybody Get On Up
Michael B. Nelson Step To The Mic, ST, Everybody Get On Up and Just A Little Lovin'
Steve Strand Step To The Mic, ST, Everybody Get On Up and Just A Little Lovin'
Dave Jensen Step To The Mic, ST, Everybody Get On Up and Just A Little Lovin'
Baritone Sax
Kathy Jensen Step To The Mic, ST, Everybody Get On Up and Just A Little Lovin'
Tenor Saxophone
Brian Gallagher Step To The Mic, ST, Everybody Get On Up and Just A Little Lovin'


Prince (as Paisley Park)
Paisley Park Records
Warner Bros. Records
Lynn Goldsith and Gregg Ross
31 years ago on 9 February 1993
Running Time
US Chart Peak
Did not chart
UK Chart Peak
Did not chart
Orig. Formats


  1. Go Go Dancer (4:45) 3
  2. Good Judy Girlfriend (1:59)
  3. Go On (Witcha Bad Self) (4:09) 4
  4. Step To The Mic [feat. Tony M. and Monie Love] (3:16) 2 & 7
  5. S.T. (Skin Tight) [feat. Tony M.] (4:03) 5
  6. Fantasia Erotica (4:36) 1
  7. Everybody Get On Up [feat. Prince and Monie Love] (4:01) 1
  8. Segue [feat. Prince] (0:29)
  9. Fun [feat. The Steeles] (3:42) 1
  10. Just A Little Lovin' [feat. Tony M.] (4:02) 3
  11. Segue [feat. Eric Leeds] (0:46)
  12. All That (4:29) 1 & 7
  13. Segue (0:12)
  14. This Is My House [feat. Prince & The Steeles] (3:28) 6

Released as a single

1 Co-written by Prince and Carmen Electra.
2 Co-written by Prince and Levi Seacer Jr.
3 Co-written by Prince and Tony Mosley.
4 Written by Levi Seacer Jr. and Tony Mosley.
5 Written by Carmen Electra and Tony Mosley.
6 Written by Carmen Electra and Levi Seacer Jr.
7 Co-written with Monie Love.

Singles from Carmen Electra

Go Go Dancer, single from Carmen Electra, Paisley Park Records (1992)

Go Go Dancer

Paisley Park Records

18 June 1992
Warner Bros. Records
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Go Go Dancer [Radio Edit] (4:27)
  2. Go Go Dancer [12" Mix] (6:03)
  3. Go Go Dancer [The Dub] (5:53)
  4. Go Go Dancer [Factory Mix] (6:01)
  5. Go Go Dancer [The Dub Dub Dancer] (6:02)
  6. Go Go Dancer [Royal Mix] (6:02)
Everybody Get On Up, single from Carmen Electra, Paisley Park Records (1993)

Everybody Get On Up

Paisley Park Records

21 January 1993
Warner Bros. Records
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Everybody Get On Up [3rd Time Funky Mix] (4:07)
  2. Everybody Get On Up [12" Up Mix] (7:09)
  3. Everybody Get On Up [Jeep Mix] (4:21)
  4. Everybody Get On Up [Stiff Dub] (6:51)
  5. Go Go Dancer [Radio Edit] (4:26)
  6. Everybody Get On Up [Wet N' Juicy Dub] (6:51)
Fantasia Erotica, single from Carmen Electra, Paisley Park Records (1993)

Fantasia Erotica

Paisley Park Records

4 August 1993
Warner Bros. Records
US Chart Peak
UK Chart Peak
  1. Fantasia Erotica [Indecent Proposal Mix Radio Edit] (4:00)
  2. Fantasia Erotica [Erotic Groove Mix] (5:38)
  3. Fantasia Erotica [Sex Drive Dub] (6:50)
  4. Fantasia Erotica [Xtra Sex Dub] (6:47)
  5. Fantasia Erotica [He Dances Instead] (5:36)
  6. Fantasia Erotica [Double Deep House Mix] (2:31)
  7. All That (4:29)

Supporting tour

Diamonds And Pearls Tour

Diamonds And Pearls Tour


  • 50 shows from 3 April to 12 July, 1992

Carmen Electra – review

The whole purpose of the side-project was to provide Prince the vehicle with which to experiment other avenues. Feeling the call to adopt hip-hop growing more urgent, Prince worked on two projects in the early 1990s (despite its intentions to break into the hip-hop market Diamonds And Pearls was largely an R&B album) to grow his appeal to the youth of the day. His first hip-hop project therefore was Carmen, the second is GoldNigga. Tony M, Prince’s rap maestro was given free rein in both, and Carmen Electra is the perfect frontwoman. To say Carmen ventures further into dance and hip-hop than Prince’s other works is an understatement. The album launches into Go Go Dancer, setting the energy that is maintained throughout – there are no heartfelt ballads on here. Prince had writing contribution for most of the songs; Levi Seacer and Tony M the others. This produces great writing combos and Carmen offers great range in result; Just A Little Loving has a rich deep sound, Fun has a pace so impressive, Carmen Electra was a fantastic rapper. I have to say Tony M has been harshly judged by fans, and it is no coincidence one of the album’s best tracks Step To The Mic because of him. Its lead however is Fantasia Erotica, yet personally, the best track is really Everybody Get On Up, the one that of course is the most Prince-like. The purple one’s DNA runs thick through this album, which was the perfect and wrongly too short-lived support to his Diamonds And Pearls tour. Carmen was not forgotten, thanks to the heavens and Baywatch.

Carmen Electra

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